What do you think GST will help to improve growth of India?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Finance


Rachel Smith Professional   India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Yes 100% sure GST will help to improve growth of India.
Jul 1st 2017 01:08   
Demand power india Senior  
i dont think so?if GST will help t improve growth in India then why Modi govt, keep it off from liquor and real state, even medicines, disabled person items got costly, agricultural instruments got costly how can it develop India even books tuition fee got costly
Jul 1st 2017 01:30   
Anjali Rai Senior  Web Designer
Yes 100% sure, it will help to improve growth of India.
Jul 1st 2017 02:52   
Jai S. Advanced  Builder
Ya sure, it will help to improve and develop India.
Jul 1st 2017 03:28   
Kumud Dixit Professional  Seo Expert
Yes, It will help to improve the growth in India.
Jul 1st 2017 03:32   
Ravi Ranjan Innovator  Web Designer
Yes, 100% confident, It will help to improve the growth in India.
Jul 1st 2017 03:45   
Chapmans Accountants Freshman  Accountant
Yes defiantly it help India to growth.
Jul 1st 2017 03:45   
Helder Ventura Professional   Administrator Author And Editor From
Yes i am sure it will help to improve India. 100 %
Jul 1st 2017 04:46   
Anubhav Yadav Magnate I   Digital Marketing
Sorry to say........ Big No!!! In India, if you think in other country it really work. But in India there is lots of corruption. If there is corruption then rich people always get benefit all GST is for poor. Rich people get benefit of it. And country always remain same.

You know about Demonetization. What happen "Always poor people suffering and face lots of problem" Rich is always at same and there money is save in other country. That blackmoney came in India? Sorry to say Big NO....
Jul 1st 2017 05:01   
vijay chauhan Innovator  seo manager
yes, definitely it will help in growth.
Mr. Anubhav this is true it works in other countries because their people pay their tax and GST is for all. means nobody can escape from that. corruption is in India is true but we are responsible for that. it's time to change... the poor are happy with demonetization, my friends and rich people don't show their problems..... this will nice keep sharing your views
Jul 1st 2017 05:24   
Danny Watson Innovator  Editor
From my Point of view, it will help India, but each coin has two Face similarly at some point it will good for India and at some point it Bad for India
Jul 1st 2017 05:47   
Prescott Kermit Advanced  Tech Support
Yes, GST will help to improve in India' Growth.
Jul 1st 2017 09:36   
Mary Walch Advanced  Web Developer
i don't think so.... -_-
Jul 2nd 2017 02:22   
Maha Nata Freshman  top classs freelance Seo from india
Yes, It will help to improve the growth in India.
Jul 3rd 2017 05:37   
Mary Coleman Junior  Military Car Loans with Bad Credit
Yes, it will help to improves growth of country India.
Jul 3rd 2017 06:34   
Kimberly Simpson Advanced  Technical Support
how could i say that it is growth.... small firms faces loss and middle class people also suffer for basic product....
Jul 4th 2017 02:45   
Rajesh Kumar Advanced   Small Business
Yes, It will help to improve the growth in India.
Jul 5th 2017 08:15   
avinash ets Advanced  SEO Executive
yes, it should be....
Jul 5th 2017 08:21   
Citi Pest Control Freshman  Pest control experts
Yes why not GST is a good
Jul 5th 2017 08:40   
Ransi Plick Senior   Website Owner
In future development of India GST play a big Role!
Jul 7th 2017 01:55   
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