Tell me Your Favorite Movie Name ??

Asked by Vivek Sharma, in Entertainment
Hello to all, hope that all of you fine. Today I will ask you another interesting question. Lets's see what's going on next?


Natasha Golinsky Junior  On Purpose Projects
My favorite movie name is Fast and Furious
Apr 26th 2017 01:51   
Vivek Sharma Committed  Website Development - Designing
@Natasha Golinsky - Perfect Choice, I also like all part's of this movie.
Apr 26th 2017 01:52   
Brian Miller Advanced  Article writer
My all time favourite is Star Wars; just 4,5,6 and a bit of 3 and 7 for now. Maybe the 8th one will make it on my list as well.
Apr 26th 2017 02:00   
Vivek Sharma Committed  Website Development - Designing
@Brian Miller - I appreciate your choice, all part's of this movie was really awesome.
Apr 26th 2017 02:02   
ExtraCarbon Private Limited Innovator  On Demand Kabadiwala
Movies From Marvels they are making really great movies these days.
Apr 26th 2017 02:13   
Saunika Thakur Freshman  Digital Media Specialist
raincoat a national award winner movie
Apr 26th 2017 02:32   
John Miller Advanced  Software Developer
Pirates of the Caribbean.....
Apr 26th 2017 02:43   
Raahil K. Innovator  BMGI_India
I Hate Love Story - Its too awesome
Apr 26th 2017 02:52   
Trishla Foundation Advanced  Cerebral Palsy Treatment
My favorite movie name is IP Man
Apr 26th 2017 03:34   
Damien Troy Advanced  Damien Troy is a Great Author
My favorite movie is Anchorman as it has a great story and never fails to make me laugh
Apr 26th 2017 04:04   
Ravindra K. Advanced  Do Your Work Without Caring Others
One of my favorite is INCEPTION.
Apr 26th 2017 04:38   
Vivek Sharma Committed  Website Development - Designing
@Ravindra - I also like Inception, this movie was incredible and lot's of technology. Leonardo did a great JOB.
Apr 26th 2017 05:27   
Alisha Perry Advanced  A Blogger
i like the movie Inception most
Apr 26th 2017 06:05   
Punit Insa Advanced  Kapspro
My favorite movie name is Fast and Furious 2
Apr 26th 2017 06:10   
Maulik Shah Innovator  Owner
My favorite movie name is Fast and Furious 8
Apr 26th 2017 07:59   
Vasilis S. Professional  ICI
My favorite movie Star Wars
Apr 27th 2017 00:12   
Emma Anderson Advanced  Short Term Loan Solutions with Loan
My favorite movie Return of the King

In this movie Peter Jackson does a masterful job of rounding out one of the greatest trilogies of all time.
Apr 27th 2017 02:31   
Vivek Sharma Committed  Website Development - Designing
@Eliza Davis - Hmmm I like your choice, I also like this movie, but my fav is sherlock homes all part. this movie is too good
Apr 27th 2017 02:51   
Prinkal Middha Advanced  TricksTechTips
My favourite movie is "The Dictator "
Apr 27th 2017 02:54   
Red Prints Innovator  Complete Printing Solutions
Angry Drive is my all time favorite movie.
Apr 27th 2017 05:43   
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