IS PTC BANK is SCAM?????????????

Asked by Mujeeb Rahman, in Internet & eBusiness


Jason Descheneaux Magnate I   T R A F F I C - I S - S U C C E S S
Answer Is Yes Mujeeb Rahman.
Dec 2nd 2012 11:23   
Mujeeb Rahman Senior   Affiliate Marketer
why is like that, one of my friend said he got paid
Dec 2nd 2012 11:29   
Jason Descheneaux Magnate I   T R A F F I C - I S - S U C C E S S
Go to scam detector . info - They say to stay away from this site. - Look Below November 22, 2012. or You can simply go and google your question and you will see for yourself. Have a great day Majeeb.
Dec 2nd 2012 11:38   
Akhtar Sajid Committed   Web Designer
Yes its 101% scam dear
Dec 2nd 2012 11:40   
Spiros F. Advanced  web designer, blogger
yeap PTC BANK it's a scam site :(

In scam detector . info you can find all the scam(mer) sites !!! :)
Dec 2nd 2012 11:42   
Mujeeb Rahman Senior   Affiliate Marketer
I really appreciate your suggestion guyz................thanks alot..
Dec 2nd 2012 12:26   
Spiros F. Advanced  web designer, blogger
you very welcome ;-)
Dec 2nd 2012 12:30   
Syed Ahmed Kabir Hashmi Professional   Internet Marketer
some of the PTC sites really pay Like Clixsense Clicksia and NeoBux Join them, Others mostly are scams
Dec 3rd 2012 03:41   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
I* left PTC work long ago so no more information regarding new arrivals
Dec 3rd 2012 03:54   
Raymund Briones Freshman  SEM - PPC Specialist
most of them are scams..
Dec 3rd 2012 04:32   
Manish Sharma Freshman  CEO
Dec 3rd 2012 04:41   
Ahsan Afaaq Freshman  network marketer
not everyone is scam if you want earning then join globaladsbiz
Dec 3rd 2012 05:58   
Robson Andrianarivo Senior   Online Networker
To be sure, do more research on google. find if they have facebook group.
Dec 3rd 2012 08:59   
Yusnaidi Yusoff Advanced  Quantity Surveyor
Thanks for info. Tell me if anyone here got a real PTC site.
Dec 20th 2012 15:53   
Nasiha E. Senior  Blogger
Hey guys I am also member of ptcbank and I think also they are scam,,I found out suspicious things about them.. here is one..good clickadoo tipe in google,,,there you have forum to talk to other members..
Dec 22nd 2012 04:38   
Ralph Kobby Freshman  Network Marketer/InforBlogger
in terms of PTC what is not scam but still makes you earn a lot ?
Dec 28th 2012 21:55   
Jason Descheneaux Magnate I   T R A F F I C - I S - S U C C E S S
Here Are The Only One I Use For Advertising.
Clixsense , NeoBux , Wordlinx , Linkgrand Clicksia , And Incentria. \
I believe these are the best !
Dec 29th 2012 10:49    Edited in Dec 29th 2012 11:08
Nicholas G. Professional   online work
i do some ptc site but i stop tak to long to make the money .
u i make a own site so i can help people online make some
good money and you have to do is sent me a message
Dec 31st 2012 15:46   
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