Is it good for SEO to change browser URL using Javascript?

Asked by Sourabh Aggarwal, in Internet & eBusiness
Hello Friends, Is it good for SEO to change browser URL using Javascript? Please explain in details.


Emily J. Freshman  Blogger
I don't think so you can easily edit URL from WordPress dashboard
Aug 3rd 2018 10:38   
Bailey Martin Advanced  SEO Expert
No That is not right Because of the robots conceder it as a new URL so it is not good for SEO purpose
Aug 4th 2018 01:42   
Anshul J. Advanced  Blogger & Marketing Consultant
URI used by Google as an identity of the page, so big no from my side..
Aug 4th 2018 03:45   
Rahul Jindal Advanced  Owner at The Wedding Cards Online
No, I don't think its a good idea.
Aug 9th 2018 01:41   
Daniel Kevin Advanced  Human Hair Ishow
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Aug 14th 2018 08:41   
Cuelogic Technologies Innovator  Software driven Thinking...!!
Thats not a good practice. Instad you can redirect that URL to appropriate source.
May 10th 2019 06:23   
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