I am Facing Google 404 Cache Error on website again and again, How resolve it?

Asked by Amit Kumar, in Technology


Chris E. Innovator  Business Brand Executive
First thing first, check the robots.txt file for your website, whether it is allowing bots to crawl your page or not.

If everything is fine on robots.txt file, then you can go for crawl as Googlebot option in Google Search console and submit your url there, your page will soon get cached.
Jul 11th 2018 03:42   
Cogxim Technologies Senior  Software Development Company
same issue i am facing my website has index, but when i am checking cache its showing
404 error.
Jul 11th 2018 05:32   
Deepthi Udyawar Innovator  Digital Marketing Manager
Do redirect your webpages to new relevant pages
Jul 30th 2018 09:18   
OGEN INFOSYSTEM Innovator  Digital Marketing Executive
check your URL properly redirect or not. Otherwise, your URL is broken.
Aug 18th 2018 07:57   
Kevin Fowler Junior  Owner at Speedframe
Better to add 301 Redirects.
Sep 10th 2018 00:34   
Carol Dobson Senior  Marketing Head at Kanhasoft
Currently, I think Google server issue is going on. Just check your URL is indexed or not.
Oct 17th 2018 09:27   
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