How to make smocked dress like Babeeni?

Asked by Amy D., in Arts & Crafts
I wish to make smocked dress for my daughter's birthday. I have no idea to do hand smocked pattern on my handmade dress


Victoria Banks Professional   Entrepreneur / Marketer /Fashion
Hi Amy D,
In hopes of helping you create your hand made smock dress, I've located a video related to smocking, however, I can't place a link here, but I will post this information for you in a update here on Apsense.....Have fun creating your new dress.
Aug 28th 2015 10:42   
Amy D. Freshman  Designers
Thank you, Victoria. your video helps me so much in creating hand smocked dresses. I had shown my collection at Paris successfully. You can see my video at Apsense. Hope you like this
Sep 20th 2015 23:22   
Victoria Banks Professional   Entrepreneur / Marketer /Fashion
Hi Amy D, you're very welcome, I'm glad you were able to use the video, I watched your video, your creations are beautiful, keep up the awesome work!
Sep 21st 2015 00:31   
Amy D. Freshman  Designers
Thank you so much! Have a nice day!
Sep 23rd 2015 23:25   
Victoria Banks Professional   Entrepreneur / Marketer /Fashion
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Sep 24th 2015 15:51   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
You should Google this and see what they have to say.
Oct 2nd 2015 14:35   
Ajeet Twayana Advanced  Owner
Aug 19th 2017 21:27   
The Yellow Coin Advanced  PR Agency in Delhi
Sorry!!! I am unable to give an answer to your question.
Nov 8th 2017 02:42   
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