How to increase my website speed?

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My Website Very Low Speed

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Emma W. Senior  Website Designer
1. Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time
2. Trim Down JavaScript Parsing to achieve Ideal Page Load Time
3. Do Away with Redirects and Improve Website Speed
4. Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets to Speed Up your Website
5. Apply CSS3 and HTML5 to Improve Page Load Time
6. Minimize Image Size to Reduce Average Page Load Time
7. Use Content Delivery Network to Improve Average Page Load Time
Mar 18th 2019 04:09 


Shradha Khanna Senior   Real Estate Agent
1. Proper Image Optimization
2. Avoid too many Redirection
3. Optimize Caches
4. Avoid Flash
5. Minify JavaScript & CSS
6. Use CDN
Mar 18th 2019 18:21   
Sophie899 Z. Junior
Speed is hidden in the details

Sometimes even some simple steps can improve our website’s speed and SEO performance. Try to keep your website clean, tidy and light. How? By doing an in-depth clean up at least once a year. This is what we do for our websites and the speed is great.

Usually, this process takes quite some time and effort (if you do it yourself) but the benefits worth your attention. Start the clean up from inside out and keep track of any changes in a journal so you won’t repeat the same steps over and over again.

Websites grow and change over time, right? So does the algorithms, the technical requirements, the SEO principles, many safety guidelines and UX design standards. Not to mention that even the content itself may need some refreshment and clean up from broken links or obsolete information.

I Keep detailed notes all year long for any small or big changes I have to apply to my When I come across to issues that it’s not possible to solve at that point, this maintenance journal is a time saver. For me, the first 10 days of January are free of any professional obligations so it is a perfect period to clean the mess.
Mar 18th 2019 21:42   
Myanmar JobSeeker Freshman  Recruitment Agency in Myanmar
Search google page speed insights and open the link.
Anlayze the website or page speed..
Follow the given instruction by google..
You have increased your page speed and website speed..
Mar 19th 2019 02:32   
OGEN INFOSYSTEM Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
There are many kinds of tools available to analyze the website and after analyzing change the following.
Mar 19th 2019 03:07   
Household Packers Advanced  Household Packers
Firstly, you need to change on-page of your website. If it is OK then do some off page activities on authorized websites.
Mar 19th 2019 05:23   
Google sẽ trả lời bạn tất cả !
Mar 19th 2019 22:01   
Wbic Info Advanced  Printer Support Phone Number
Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time.
Trim Down JavaScript Parsing to achieve Ideal Page Load Time.
Do Away with Redirects and Improve Website Speed.
Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets to Speed Up your Website.
Mar 20th 2019 01:44   
OGEN INFOSYSTEM Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
Firstly Analyse your website properly and then choose what is need to do on your website. there are many kinds of tools to analyze the website.
Mar 20th 2019 02:05   
Michal Martin Innovator  Consultants
If you want to increase website speed and don't know much of technicalities then use plugins like wprocket to boost site speed.
Mar 20th 2019 04:20   
Rob Stephen Professional   getaprogrammer
Please use CDN for Big images and minimise CSS as much as possible.
Mar 25th 2019 00:13   
Priyanka J. Advanced   Ecommerce Photography
Enable compression.
Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
Reduce redirects.
Remove render-blocking JavaScript.
Leverage browser caching.
Improve server response time.
Use a content distribution network.
Optimize images.
May 11th 2019 04:38   
Lara A. Advanced  Tarot Online
check with gtmetrix and work the points that show low
May 15th 2019 00:54   
JOSEPH CHACKERY Magnate I   Officer
Optimization of catches as well as reduce the size of images and videos uploaded.
Jun 10th 2019 10:56   
Pallavi Singh Advanced  Digital Marketing
you should optimize images, content
Aug 26th 2019 02:33   
Nagmanflow L. Innovator  water Meter Test Bench, Flow Meter
Avoid too many redirections
Resolving all the hurting factors of the website with the help of Search Engine Optimization techniques.
Aug 28th 2019 02:24   
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