How to find the right job?

Asked by Vivek Singh, in Career
How can we find the right job?


Tom Rene Advanced  Engagement Rings Designer
Hi Vivek,

Nice to meet you. I am a new member here. can you post your education so that I can suggest you as per your best.
Dec 18th 2016 12:31   
Steve Rogers Advanced  Web Researcher
The free classified sites is a good place to start.
Dec 18th 2016 18:52   
Rajay Yadav Advanced  web desiner, Internet Marketing, Web development
search your job on naukri dot com or contact to consultant for right job
Dec 19th 2016 01:01   
Pham T. Advanced  máy xay cà phê
Một số người tiêu dùng còn tự hào rằng mình là người hiểu biết về cà phê, cho rằng, ly cà phê ngon thì nước trong ly cà phê phải kẹo kẹo, bám trên thành ly và phải “ôm đá” và viên đá trong ly cà phê phải có màu nâu do nước cà phê song sánh, dẻo kẹo bám lấy đá.
Dec 19th 2016 04:29   
Zumra Zemen Advanced  blogger
Finding the best job that suits your personality and your lifestyle is never easy. It’s actually a full time job itself. To better understand your needs and increase your chance of succeeding in your chosen field, you need to conduct a personal evaluation. Is this the career you want? Is there room for growth? Are the salary and benefits good?

You can’t really evaluate a position unless you do the research. From a recent survey in the U.S., graduate degree holders earn an average of 35 to 50 percent more than just bachelor’s degree holders. This is a reason why more and more are taking their Masters. There could be an offer or two, all you have to do is make a concrete decision to ensure the right job for you in the present job market.

Know what you want

Knowing what kind of personality you have and your interests gives you an idea how you would like to spend your day on a job. The activities you’d like to get involved in plays a great role in keeping you motivated. You could make a list of the kinds of people you would like to be working with. Say, people who like being told what to do or authoritative types; how about loud people or quiet types; and would you like a place where people love socializing or not? There are different sizes of companies as well, there are small, medium, large, overseas, local, and regional.

The Internet is a valuable tool that assists online job seekers in looking for a job they could fit in. Trim down the choices depending on your needs and wants to get the more possible pool of companies you can try submitting resumes.
Dec 19th 2016 07:11   
Prince Namdev Committed  Online Marketing Consultant
Post your resume with your perfect skills on companies website.
Dec 19th 2016 08:01   
Jordan Smith Junior  Roof Restoration Melbourne
job portal sites are good to find the best one
Dec 20th 2016 00:22   
Imprivata Health Advanced  Health Care
upload your resume on online portal site ...
Dec 20th 2016 01:51   
dinh duc tin Advanced  Copywriter SEO
I find on internet and i apply with my email
Dec 20th 2016 03:04   
Thúy Kiều Freshman  Phòng khám Đa Khoa Âu Á
The activities you’d like to get involved in plays a great role in keeping you motivated. You could make a list of the kinds of people you would like to be working with.
Dec 20th 2016 04:07   
Ravish Singh Advanced  SEO Executive
Use Job Portal & submit your CV or portfolio regarding you want job. then you can got many offers for job. choos your like.
Dec 21st 2016 00:40   
Cacey Taylor Senior  Webmaster
I Would Follow Your Heart
Dec 21st 2016 05:29   
Aswain Medha Freshman  Jobs in Afghanistan
go to the google and searching your suitable jobs
Dec 21st 2016 12:05   
Elena Smithson Advanced  Best Point Of Sale Software
Use google and find lots off jobs google is really better for jobs. just try it
Dec 26th 2016 08:41   
Ajay kumar Singh Senior  SEO, SMM, SMO, Digital Marketing..
There are lots of websites, you can find the right job.
Dec 26th 2016 08:58   
Tabbys Treasures Junior  Tabbys Dirty Panties
Find a good job is not an easy task. Just improve your skills day by day job will find you automatically
Dec 29th 2016 07:03   
Marina Orlova Senior  Debit and Credit Cards
Be open to all possibilities. No matter what stage of your life or career you are in, the most important thing to remember when choosing a job is to keep your options open. If you're just entering the job market, take the time to explore your interests and learn about different career paths.
Jan 2nd 2017 05:05   
Y-Axis Immigration Services Innovator  Consultant
May I Know Your Qualification..
Jan 4th 2017 03:14   
Webtecz Inc Freshman  IT Services
Well, you can begin by choosing a career that fits well with your skills and values. Since you actually have some sense of what those are (hopefully), this is a good starting place.
Jan 11th 2017 01:31   
Gray Clues Advanced  Writer
If you live in India and looking for government sector jobs so as my point of view, you should consider employment news 24 website which is a very biggest career portal in India in manner of Job.
Jan 25th 2017 04:31   
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