How to Check dislike People Recommended Reading in apsense?

Asked by shashikant shukla, in Internet & eBusiness
How to Check Dislike People Recommended Reading in Apsense? Please Tell


Anubhav Yadav Magnate I   Digital Marketing
Nice Question @Ankit Vishnoi, me also want to know. Who and Why people simple dislike. If any reason than it is good. Without any reason you simply show foolish thing. When someone like your profile then it came in notification. But how we can find negative like or dislike. Please any here who knows that?
May 18th 2017 03:30   
Neha Magnate I Pro   Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO
Good question, I also want to know......
May 18th 2017 03:37   
John M. Professional  Email Support Phone Number
Sometime its just click on dislike :) I had done twice
May 18th 2017 03:41   
Lisa E. Committed   Affiliate Marketer/Writer
I am not sure of how you can receive a dislike. It could be a number of things. It really depends on the person. Some people for example, have a hang up on bad grammar or such things as too many capitalize letters. Sometimes, it is nothing at all and a person just feels like it. I think you should just be aware and in tune with what you want to talk about. Then write what you feel. I hope this helps.
May 21st 2017 17:08   
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