How much money a month would be good with you?

Asked by Harry S., in Internet & eBusiness


Lisa F. Magnate I   Real Estate Agent, Internet Markete
I don't ask for much. $3K is cool. I am not greedy at all ^_^
Jan 3rd 2013 21:07   
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
I always favor the magic 6 figure income mark, somewhere between 8 to 10 grand works for me? :-)
Jan 3rd 2013 21:14   
Adnan Osmanovic Advanced  stage manager
For one macrobiotic launch each day = 30 or 31 lounch, 28 in february(29 each 4. year)
one lounch = about 10 $
Jan 3rd 2013 21:38   
Lisa F. Magnate I   Real Estate Agent, Internet Markete're so cheap. LMAO!
Jan 3rd 2013 21:40   
Esteban Martinez Advanced  Global Marketing
ya 5 or 6 figure would be nice.
Jan 3rd 2013 22:34   
Akram Pasha Committed  E-support officer
for my daily life and expenses i need monthly income of about 30-40K INR
Jan 4th 2013 01:51   
Lisa E. Committed   Affiliate Marketer/Writer
I would like to see $5,000 per month . Not to say more would not be great. I am just not greedy.
Jan 4th 2013 07:57   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Lisa F, as smart as you are I'm sure that would be no problem. Heck, you have given me that much in advice!

William, good for you it sound like very reachable goal...I wonder if product creation is in your plans?

Adnan, I give away 3 times that a day randomly...not trying to make fun but this is APSense family and if you can't make 10$ a day at least I will drop everything I'm doing to work with you personally to help you get there if you like.

Esteban, you are another very bright mind so I'm sure you will soon get there.

akram, if that is your daily expenses let's raise the bar to 60-80K INR in case you fall short at any point it fits right into your goals.

Lisa E, the true professor of the mind, you will easily look greedy unintentionally this year. I call you the "Truth" as a nick...sorry to not tell you first.

Thanks all for sharing and I truly wish you the very best.
Jan 4th 2013 11:54   
Isabelle Esling Professional   published author-certified teacher-
4000 pounds per month would be i can live the life i Paris:)
Jan 4th 2013 11:59   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
K, it's no fair to ask from you and not give so here goes...if I don't make at least $1k a day I'm pissed but I have a small force that has been working with me for some time goal has been the elusive $5k a day for 30 days I'm dreaming for now but one day!

So as Lisa F. has shown me to take baby steps so my new pissed mark is $1.5k-2k...just a little harder and more focused every month is all I need.
Jan 4th 2013 12:01   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Harry as you know I am very bad in Mathematics so I am not mentioning any amount but of course in quantity.Human is programmed in auto expansion mode!...insatiable mode! so the more we get or earn our requirement gets expanded and make space for more....and we rush for it!
Jan 4th 2013 12:44   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Juyee, I'm big on saying is believing...and put a realistic number out stretch it a bit so you can see it, say it, think it and do it. Thanks.
Jan 4th 2013 13:17   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Isabelle, when you get there I would love to come out and celebrate with you...this year! If you will allow.
Jan 4th 2013 13:25   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Harry I am a big follower of realistic quantity... you can count numbers (digits) but I want something more than that, uncountable! See I am not playing modest..I am greedy! I am insatiable I am unstoppable....:-)
Jan 4th 2013 13:26   
Isabelle Esling Professional   published author-certified teacher-
sure...we will...of course, you will be very welcome to celebrate with me:)))
Jan 4th 2013 13:27   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Enough to pay all bills and do a little extra for myself, kids and grand kids
Jan 4th 2013 19:41   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Paula, I will put you down for $10mil a month...LOL. You might not remember that question it was one of my first I think.
Jan 4th 2013 19:57   
Leah y. Advanced  love app games
hello,i think more and more
Jan 4th 2013 20:10   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I could use 1000 euro a month now to cover loss of income from my husband. once moved to Turkey we don't need it. life is much cheaper there. as soon as we sold our dutch home we will move. but not a good time for selling realestate now so may take a while
Jan 4th 2013 20:13   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Leah, put a tail on that doggy and give me numbers...thanks.
Jan 4th 2013 20:59   
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