E-commerce Development by Magento?

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How is Magento Better for Development and Designing of an E-commerce Based Store?


JEEVA AROMAL Committed  e marketter
its booming now its realise the potentil
Feb 18th 2018 09:42   
Ranjeet raj Professional   Internet Marketing Expert
Yes, E-commerce Development by Magento is great as it's have more features for product lisiting
Feb 19th 2018 02:09   
Rakesh Jain Advanced  CEO and Co-founder
Features of Magento Ecommerce Website Development Platform. Magento features are comprehensive and you are likely to find every feature you need to build and run your online store.

Here are top 6 cool features of Magento Ecommerce mobile app development

Deep Link
Push Notifications
Social Media Sharing
Discount Coupon
Promotional Banners
Product Sliders
Feb 20th 2018 06:02   
Karl P. Senior  Mobile App Developer
Magento is the best platform to developing new e-commerce website
Feb 21st 2018 00:01   
Clara Ghosh Senior  Senior Business Developer
The Magento platform is the most scalable and robust amongst all the other eCommerce platforms out there. Openwave’s experienced team can help you with the migration process.
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Feb 21st 2018 00:51   
Digital Arrow Junior  Digital Marketing Service Company
It is the best eCommerce Platform to developer better E commerce Website in PHP
Feb 22nd 2018 00:03   
Michale L. Freshman  Ruby On Rails Developer, Mobile Application Develo
its safe, secure and trustworthy platform for building ecommerce websites.
Feb 22nd 2018 03:26   
Tech s. Advanced  Digital Marketing Freelancer
meganto is the best e-commerce flatform i have to recommended every one
Feb 22nd 2018 05:13   
Ashok S. Advanced  Digital Strategist
Magento is the most popular and fast-growing, open-source e-commerce platform on the planet and Magento is fully equipped with a variety of features.
Feb 22nd 2018 05:41   
Moni Singh Advanced  go4hosting
Yes, Magento is the best for developing the new e-commerce website.
May 3rd 2018 03:14   
Send Best Gift Committed  Owner
I have used Magento. It is one of the best platform for shopping sites.
May 10th 2018 03:23   
Swati Caseria Innovator  Customized mobile cases
right choice magento for e-commerce website
Jun 21st 2018 07:36   
Codebase AG Innovator  GetBackYourPrivacy-Best File Transfer Website
Yes, Magneto is good for design and development of E-Commerce website.
If you looking any requirement for Magneto then call at +91-124-4203552
Jun 27th 2018 02:47   
Swati Caseria Innovator  Customized mobile cases
best option for website
Jul 4th 2018 06:18   
Reemi Shirsath Advanced  Strategic Partnership Manager
Most ecommerce platforms built on Magento have off late been investing a lot of time and Cost to Speed up Magento . For the uninitiated, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP and the task to Speed up Magento is no mean feat. Growing success of online Businesses has led to a spurt in e-commerce websites. You can check out
Aug 7th 2018 07:26    Edited in Aug 7th 2018 07:28
Vikash Jangid Advanced  COO @ Xtreem Solution
Magento platform is open source and brings around excellent commercial websites. Right form a simple website to a super function rich website, Magento Store offers very pocket-friendly or Zero cost plugins. It is light on your pocket but brings in more business.

so many websites floating around, a customized website will come out as the best of the rest if you use of Magento

Magento development services have blurred the barriers between art and engineering. Magento has delivered excellent solutions to almost every enterprise. The best technology of Magento delivers solutions with best ROI.

Accomplishing challenging projects with innovative solutions, we fueled the growth of various enterprises. Magento remains our first choice for powerful eCommerce platforms.

The power is in your hands as the CMS developed Magento solutions lets you free to make quick changes to the platform as and when required.
Oct 26th 2018 05:27   
Raps Smith Innovator  World Class Software Solutions
Particularly made for eCommerce: Magento is specifically made for eCommerce purpose, and it consists of several eCommerce features such as user dashboards, advanced shipping, inventory management, supplier management, MS options, built-in cross sells and upsells capabilities and much more.

1) Simple Integration process: Magento API can easily integrate with ready-made plugins, analytics, shipping and tracking, payment gateways.

2) Flexibility to Modularized: It allows the developer to customize the platform as per their business requirement, hence it supports modularization.

3) SEO friendly platform: It is the SEO friendly platform, that adhere the guidelines and allow to configure different categories, sitemap.

4) Open source: As previously discuss version Magento community edition is completely free. But for big enterprises it provides two paid version Magento enterprise edition and Magento Go.

5) Mobile friendly: Most traffic now we get from mobiles. Magento platform is the mobile friendly.

Chetu provides custom Magento development solutions that will help to boost your business in a positive direction.
Dec 14th 2018 09:15   
Jay Dee Advanced  AndolaSoft
Well, Magento offers almost everything for an E-commerce Site needs to display on e-commerce website i.e. Your products, Online Transactions, Customer Service and run all the back-end processes efficiently. Along with that, it has also:

> Effective User Dashboards

> Inventory Management System

> Cart Functionalities

> Secured Payments

> Advanced Shipping & Supplier Management

> Built-in Cross Sell & Up Sell capabilities

> CMS Options, Newsletters and so much more

So definitely, this CMS is the best one for selection for development and designing of an E-commerce based store.
Dec 17th 2018 00:48    Edited in Dec 17th 2018 00:51
Dhiren Parmar Innovator  Magento Developer
easy to find magento extensions and good support provide by magento
Jan 25th 2019 02:02   
Denise Roybalds Freshman  Software Engineer
Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which provides you to create and customize your Multi-Vendor marketplace and on demand platform. It helps you to boost your online sales and grow your business.

For best Magento development solutions you can go with Chetu, this is an award winning software development company offer on-demand software development solutions over the worldwide. Chetu have experts Magento developers to create responsive Magento web designs and themes as per your business need. Chetu's experienced developers able to migrate your eCommerce site from other platforms and develop well researched & thoroughly tested extensions to suit your unique requirements. Chetu provide dedicated developer for your project and the support staff always available to assist you for any queries. To know more, please visit: chetu(.)com/retail/magento.php
Jul 18th 2019 13:04   
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