Do you use Facebook to build your business and if so, how do you use it?

Asked by Neha, in Internet & eBusiness


Smashing Rony Magnate I   Business Content Writer, SEO, SMO
How to use? Please let me also know the tectic
Jul 25th 2017 15:23   
Kire Stankovski Senior   Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer
Creating FB pages and groups to promote content
Jul 25th 2017 16:22   
Debra Diamond Committed  Healthy Alternatives
Absolutely! There are several ways to use Facebook to grow your business.... But be aware that there are rules to abide by. Create a business page to start. Then follow the rules for posting and don't over post too much!
Jul 25th 2017 19:38   
Mitchell Wood Senior  Writer, Blogger, Copy Writing
FB pages, group and fb ads to promote contents
Jul 25th 2017 22:29   
Diu Duong Senior  Web Designer
i creat fb page, group and then, i run facebook ads ^^
Jul 25th 2017 22:41   
Jennifer Truong Innovator  Owner
Create FB page and Promote your content relative groups.
Jul 26th 2017 04:53   
Reshu Goyal Advanced  I am Professional Model
First Create FB page related to your business and Share them in various groups. You Can also promote your business through Facebook ads.
Jul 26th 2017 08:03   
Dreams Offers Junior  Blogger
Create a post. Share with my friends and share in groups that i have made for particular categories.
Jul 26th 2017 10:01   
Olufolake Stephen Adams Senior  Business/Marketing Consultant
First is to build relationships and get to know people and walk through the group.
Then see what the CORE issues of people are, this will give you an idea of the problems that your audience may be having and the right way to communicate with them.
It is also important to brand yourself first before branding your business.Let people first know the PERSON behind the business, then they will come looking for you.
Lastly, don't let your posts JUST BE ADVERT,ADVERT AND ADVERT. There is too much of it, rather give VALUE. be a blessing and thereby you build these INTRINSIC VALUES:
1. Branding.
2. Authenticity.
3. Authority and that will generate your anticipated sales and leads on the social media.
Best of luck.
These are my EFFECTIVE WAYS i use facebook and i have learnt a lot from facebook groups that i joined. Do the same and you will get the same results.
Jul 26th 2017 11:43   
Brahim A. Professional Pro   @baghzaf
Are you wondering how to best use Facebook for your business?

Should you open your personal profile with a Facebook Subscribe button? Would a Facebook Group work well for your business?

The simple truth is that Facebook Pages are not being seen as often in the news feed.

Facebook reported that on average, brands reach about 16% of their fans in a typical week through posts. This news has many people wondering if Pages are still a worthwhile endeavor.

Find out how to choose the best marketing strategy that fits your business by answering these simple questions.
Jul 26th 2017 12:38   
Hoài Giang Shop Advanced  Chuyên may bán và cho thuê trang phục
I have the building, but only to marketing
Jul 26th 2017 20:20   
Brahim A. Professional Pro   @baghzaf
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Jul 26th 2017 20:22   
QueenHajar Akanqi Committed   Entrepreneurship
I visit Communities and meet people
Jul 26th 2017 21:07   
Phuong An Junior  SEO
facebook ads only. add camp and burn money
Jul 27th 2017 03:31   
Vijaya Singh Innovator  Marketing Manager
First Create FB page related to your business and Share them in various groups. You Can also promote your business through Facebook ads.
Jul 27th 2017 05:47   
Nebula Design Advanced  Yoga Teacher Training
By making Facebook and Run Add on Facebook
Jul 27th 2017 06:10   
Priti Shetti Committed   Technical coordinator
Promote your business through boost your post option and start paid campaign on fb. Connect with more groups and mange them properly you will definitely build Business facebook page.
Jul 27th 2017 09:00    Edited in Sep 22nd 2017 05:17
Military Exchange Junior  Military Travel Exchange
I always promote post and share with groups.
Jul 28th 2017 00:18   
Xero Certified Advisor Innovator   Account Consultant
Create business page, share your post in niche group for more engagement.
Jul 28th 2017 07:16   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
Created Facebook pages and groups to promote contents.
Jul 30th 2017 22:00   
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