Do you do Yoga? What is importance of yoga?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Health & Medical


GeekOnJava - Hub for Java Android Advanced  GeekOnJava
yes i do yoga. But why you want to know? Are you a doctor or anything related to Health?
Jun 21st 2017 01:54   
Viktors S. Junior  sutvik
No, I think I can not manage it.
Jun 21st 2017 01:54   
Bhutani Group Advanced   Bhutani Group | Leading Real Estate Company in Ind
yes....its very important for our life.
Jun 21st 2017 02:08   
Ankur Gupta Advanced  Market Research
Yoga Good for healthy Life.By:
Jun 21st 2017 02:18   
Lareina Bronte Advanced   Media Expert
Yes, I do yoga sometimes. I think it is good for our health.
Jun 21st 2017 02:32   
Mushavvirkhan Balooch Committed   SEO Executive
Yup but not always.
It's very good thing for our overall health and the wealth.
because if we don't have good health then our wealth doesn't exist.
Jun 21st 2017 02:38   
James Miller Advanced  Professional Writer (Chemicals)
Yes. I use to practice Yoga daily.
Jun 21st 2017 02:43   
Emma Wood Innovator  SEO, Online Tutor, Assignment Helper
I often do Yoga every morning. It helps me being fit, Mentally strong and confident.
Jun 21st 2017 03:39   
Bong Da Freshman  bong da
Yoga useful for your health
Jun 21st 2017 04:51   
Nguyenha Ha Advanced  seo
It's very good thing for our overall health and the wealth.
Jun 21st 2017 05:50   
Gray Clues Advanced  Writer
Its very good for health and its make mind thinking power stronger and gives relax
Jun 21st 2017 06:59   
Anna Vance Junior  Yahoo Support Number +64-04-8879113
yes, i do yoga. Yoga is good for health
Jun 21st 2017 07:35   
Mary J. Junior  Business Consultant
Yoga Good for healthy Life.
Jun 21st 2017 08:07   
Peter Smith Advanced  Browser Technical Support US
Take Care of Your Body because it is the only Place you have to live in!

The above sentence is enough to know its importance.

International Day of Yoga Today!
Jun 21st 2017 08:08   
Eticket Pros Junior  America's Entertainment tickets source
Yes, I do yoga, everyday. It's a series of physical and mental exercises. The mental techniques include breathing exercises or ‘pranayama’ and meditation or ‘dhyana’ to discipline the mind.
Jun 22nd 2017 00:45   
William Klein Advanced  SEO
yes..but meanwhile..
good for health & fitness
body flexibility
knowldge of spiritual power
Jun 22nd 2017 01:45   
Prince Namdev Professional  Sr. Internet Marketing Consultant
yes it is important. everyone should perform any activity or sports in a day.
Jun 22nd 2017 01:53   
Anubhav Yadav Magnate I   Digital Marketing
No, Just want to start doing it.
Jun 22nd 2017 01:54   
Health Geek Advanced   Content Writer
Yoga increase your internal power and gives mental peace.
Jun 22nd 2017 02:04   
PNB Media Advanced  PNB Media Group
Yes. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being, yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three.It removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body
Jun 22nd 2017 02:13   
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