Do Indian husbands feel ashamed to cook at home?

Asked by Neha, in Food & Drink


Jiya Singh (UpdatedReviews.Asia) Committed  Web Hosting Expert @ UpdatedReviews
I don't think so..............................
Jul 27th 2017 22:40   
Mushavvirkhan Balooch Committed   SEO Executive
Oh really you think so but they don't ashamed of cooking at home.But they enjoy a lot cooking at home.
Experiment new dishes on the behalf of different things.
Jul 28th 2017 00:49   
Nitin Saini Committed   SEO Professional Freelancer
no, never , never at all ,
Jul 28th 2017 01:02   
Kalvin S. Advanced  Cyber Security Expert
No they love to cook and they always cook better than Women
Jul 28th 2017 01:13   
Amreek Singh Innovator  Gymnco Sports Industries
no they do not feel, even they feel blessing
Jul 28th 2017 02:12   
Safeguard Industries Freshman  Fire sprinkler Systems Supplier
Yes Amreek Singh , they do not feel, even they feel blessing
Jul 28th 2017 02:14   
Kuldeep Bwail Innovator  Director, XS CAD Limited
its depend upon person to person.
Jul 28th 2017 02:31   
Ransi Plick Senior   Website Owner
No way.... if you can cook well :)
Jul 28th 2017 02:40   
Corset Dresskart Advanced  Order Corsets Online in USA & UK
No. Never..
Why should they feel ashamed?
Jul 28th 2017 04:08   
Avinash Meheta Junior  Sip mutual fund 
Yes....Most of them feeling so.
Jul 28th 2017 05:20   
Gemma Koponen Junior  Residential Township 3D Rendering
no dude, why that type of questions , LOL
Jul 28th 2017 08:13   
Ankur V. Advanced  seo professional
no we feel proud to cook
Jul 28th 2017 13:11   
OnlineIndia Cakes Advanced  Buy cakes online in India
I think no.
If you know anything special, then you should cook and serve..
Jul 29th 2017 01:49   
Servokon Transformer Freshman  Servokon Transformer
they do not feel at all
Jul 31st 2017 00:33   
Khushi Namdev Advanced  SEO Expert
I think NO. This not a thing for that someone should feel ashamed. It may be help for his wife, mother and sister.
Jul 31st 2017 00:53   
Hoài Giang Shop Advanced  Chuyên may bán và cho thuê trang phục
I think they feel that way
Jul 31st 2017 11:34   
Ente G. Advanced  LED lighting for sale
Our traditional make our India incredible.
Aug 1st 2017 04:25   
Megha Akash Freshman  Coaching Institute
Yes many Indian husbands feel ashamed to cook at home. They are thinking that if they cook their geth will reduce.
Aug 2nd 2017 02:50   
Jim Lee Senior  I am a professinal writer
No that"s not true................................
Aug 2nd 2017 07:19   
Sunny K. Professional  Trending News
No because it is him choice to cook or not but i love to cook :D
Aug 3rd 2017 01:11   
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