Can you define "Love" in one word?

Asked by Neha, in Entertainment


Dave Chan Advanced  Consultant
Warm! This is my feeling!
Jul 2nd 2017 23:30   
Aditya K. Advanced  SEO
Life! This is my feeling!
Jul 3rd 2017 01:36   
Visual Connections Advanced   Visual Connections Animations & VFX
care and affection .
Jul 3rd 2017 01:46   
Danny Watson Innovator  Editor
Is all about Happiness and Care
Jul 3rd 2017 02:14   
Najam Sg Advanced  SEO Analyst
Love is Just L O V E
Jul 3rd 2017 05:25   
Prasanth Kallay Advanced  Affiliate Marketer
Love is compassion and service put together.
Jul 3rd 2017 05:59   
Mr Peter Senior  Peter Smith word.....................
Jul 3rd 2017 06:30   
Rahul Kumar Advanced  Internet Marketing Consultant
In a very single word - Everything
Jul 3rd 2017 07:42   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
FEELING ..........................................
Jul 3rd 2017 07:43   
Zara Joyce Advanced  Co-Owner at Online Portal
One word for it will be "Blind"
Jul 3rd 2017 07:52   
James Miller Advanced  Professional Writer (Chemicals)
I think its totally useless
Jul 3rd 2017 08:00   
Maria Smith Freshman  Short Term Loans
According to me ...... HEARTLESS
Jul 3rd 2017 09:11   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
what about the word: enjoyment
Jul 3rd 2017 09:54   
Hafiz 34 Professional   Doctor
Simply it is nothing but madness. Oh. This love is referred to so called love. But the love of mother for her child, parents for their child and vice versa are real.
Jul 4th 2017 02:38   
Quality Spare Center Junior  shot blasting machine manufacturer
love is everything. without lv human is nothing.
Jul 4th 2017 02:49   
Santu Steyn Senior  Gadget Provider
love, this is my feeling
Jul 4th 2017 03:02   
Kanika Goyal Committed  Online Consumer Forum
Love is a sweet position.
Jul 4th 2017 03:54   
Mohimenul Islam Advanced  I am Digital Marketing Service Provider
Love is Enjoy each other
Jul 4th 2017 05:48   
Kushagra Sharma Freshman  Assistant Manager
love in one word is - Everything
Jul 4th 2017 05:57   
OMS Infotech Junior  Summer training in delhi | Best Android training i
Love mean in one word? - pain of life
Jul 4th 2017 06:01   
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