Can someone explain about frame breaking ?

Asked by Philippe Moisan, in Internet & eBusiness


Ross Will help you Senior   Helping People Make Money
if you are on about websites that have frame brakes in it you would need to look up the error coded depending on what language you are using. That is providing it is your own site that is if someone else's then tell them they need to fix it and send them the framebrake error code you see
Mar 24th 2012 13:56   
Don Dousharm Committed   Entrepreneur, Publisher
frame breaking is a java script or snippet of code that allows your website to break out of an iFrame created by other websites. Mostly you will see this in TEs or paid to view ad sites. The code is not allowed for obvious reasons. Some people design sites with searches for other sites and have them load in an iFrame and be able to maintain a nav bar as well as a form of ptc advertising. This is what this snippet of code was designed for as some including me don't really like the idea of someone else profiting off of my content and hard work. Most any code can be manipulated into something good and bad.
Mar 24th 2012 14:10   
Chris Coin Professional   Online Marketer
Framebreaking means when you clicked a link and the bar with the counter clear away so you can't receive your credits for clicking. You should always report these links to keep the system clear.
Mar 24th 2012 14:11   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
I'm glad this question came up during the webinar, it allowed me to show how to use the questions feature, since I'm not comfortable explaining what frame breaking is, thanks guys
Mar 24th 2012 14:16   
Lawrey Jack Smashnuk Junior  Writer, lyricist, poet.
Cool thread here for this iFrame question ... for novice WordPress user's adding a widget to a blog are these related to cookies that track where visitor's come from and go to when leaving your site? Does frame breaking relate only to iFrames? is it true they are frowned on by Google and is it not the programming fashion Facebook adopted for fan pages? Sorry to add so many more questions to the main one but this is on the mysterious side of programmer knowledge for me.
Mar 24th 2012 15:27   
Sudaryo -. Senior   webmaster
Nice Explanations from Don. Thanks don.
Mar 25th 2012 03:35   
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