Premium Home Cleaning Services
we have maintained a superior home cleaning service for over 30 years. Scrubby Dutch Cleaning, a family-owned and operated company, delivers customized maid service for every client. No project is alike. We personalize your service to suit all your lifestyle needs. Our St. Louis cleaning company is consistent and meticulous. Our cleaning crews work diligently to make your home a place of comfort, relaxation and productivity.
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We’re Good for Your Health!
Imagine your home spotless, where the air smells fresh and everything shines. Where your home sparkles…and suddenly, your life seems more balanced. This is what we hope to achieve after every cleaning. Clients who feel reinvigorated just by walking into their clean and organized home. Scrubby Dutch Cleaning Company has helped make our customer’s lives happier and healthier. A clean house helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. In fact, according to medical professionals, a decluttered and clean environment can actually help you make healthier choices in your life.
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