The technology has changed the human life to a large extent in recent years. Among all the devices the internet has been much influential to the normal life of an individual also. Since the beginning of Google as a search engine, many things have changed. In the past few years, the Google Search Engine Result Page has changed a lot. Google added snippets and knowledge graph which was welcomed by the internet users. Every time Google comes up with something better when internet users least expect it. As a search engine, Google is ambitious to deliver results at amazingly fast speed and in an effective manner. Google SERPs are going to change a lot in 2018, and some potential changes are mentioned here.

Featured Answers

Since the time Google started as a search engine, the main goal is to deliver faster results. Whenever a user enters the search text, the information loads in just a second. Speed is what Google depends upon a lot. The more a user has to wait, the less there is a chance he will return. The answers that a user gets should be relevant to the keyword entered and should appear in a split second. If the user doesn’t get a relevant answer at quickly, he surely goes to another search engine.

Increased focus on Pay-Per-Click

Every cyber marketer assumes that PPC on Google search engine is not worth anything, but it is not true. Several surveys conducted online show that PPC based clicks are just one-fifth of the total, and the remaining clicks are always on desired and important results. The important thing for Google is its advertisement business, and PPCs aren’t making it for them. In recent days, Google has polished their way of showing advertisements, and that’s why it is clearly presumable that SERPs will have advertisements in a better manner than now. Get an SEO expert to maintaining you ppc campaign.

Less Click-through Rate

When a user enters a search text in the Google search bar, Google pops informing suggestions. For an instance when a user enters a word on the search bar then Google immediate shows its meaning on the results page. Hence there is no organic click on any website because the result had enough information for a user. The better way to get improved click-through rate is to have rich snippets and information cards. So it is essential for a website owner to have great cards for improved CTR.

Trending News is important

People want to read news and Google have its own way to deliver it to them. When a user enters anything regarding news on the search bar, Google instantly shows a card with enough information to know about. But getting news even gets better on mobile phones due to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). When a cell phone internet user enters a search text, immediately snippet result turns up with little AMP symbol on its lower left corner meaning the snippet directs the user to be accelerated and optimized news page.

So these are some of the many potential changes that many SERPs witness in 2018. Click over for top high authority guest posting service by Fogut Technologies.


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