Address:      300 N CHOCTAW AVE, El Reno, Ok 73036 USA

Phone:        405-237-9797


As an El Reno Bail Bonds company, we have a notable amount of insider information about not only the amount of crime being committed but also the number of criminals being released from the Canadian County Jail with little or no bail.

The Canadian County Judges are currently Defendants in a Federal Lawsuit where they have been accused of improper bail practices, among other things. The reaction of the county's judges has resulted in unreasonably low bail if any at all.  

Unreasonable bail is being argued all over the country as part of a national push for criminal justice reform. But I have to say that Canadian County Bail is being set unreasonably low. Individuals who track these low and Own Recognizance bail claim that it is a threat to public safety.

Hour:         247

Payment:   Cash, Credit Cards, Financing

Year:         2016


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