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FightDUICharges DUI Defense is an expert legal team that includes former prosecution attorneys and police officers who have successfully handled thousands of cases througout the country. If your freedom and driver's license at stake, you can rely on our lawyers to fight for your rights and best case outcome in court.


Call (800) 346-9889 for a Free DUI Arrest Review
During an initial, confidential legal consultation the firm's lawyers will review your arrest and answer any concerns. There is never pressure or obligation at any point.

When reviewing a case we:

-single out the legal technicalities,
-explain what the best defenses are, and
-guide and defend you through the DUI court system.

In representing drivers for DUI & DWI defense, we take care of everything for a client including:

-legal advice at all stages
-representation at all court hearings,
-ordering all police notes and disclosure
-representing you at meetings with the prosecution attorney
-preparing and presenting all court and trial arguments
-representing a client at trial

Sometimes a person charged with DUI or DWI for a first-time offense, does not need to appear in court. One of our specialist attorneys can appear on behalf of client in theses circumstances.

FightDUICharges is available 24/7 and provide legal service to drivers of all backgrounds.

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We provide DUI defense to help save a driver's license from suspension, prevent an Ignition Interlock, and get a DUI case dismissed or reduced whenever possible. 
Call (800) 346-9889 for a Free Consultation. 


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