Where To Buy Delta-8, The Potency Additive

Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry but until recently most consumers were hesitant to purchase it legally. With more people turning to medical marijuana, it's become easier to find quality products," says Delta-8's Jennifer Lewis. "The delta 8 Company was founded on the principle that we help people find products that help them manage symptoms associated with debilitating medical conditions such as chronic pain, seizures, nausea and other medical issues." The Delta-8 Company works closely with doctors, hospitals and caregivers to help them provide patients with relief from their medical conditions. "We work with physicians to develop new, innovative ways to provide medical cannabis to people who need it most," says Delta-8's President and CEO Kevin Dunn.

Delta-8 is a publicly traded company whose shares trade on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). "The Delta-8 brand offers a variety of products such as CBD, flower, oils and capsules that are infused with Delta-8 THC. We believe that Delta-8 helps people who don't respond to standard or prescription medications to alleviate their symptoms and may help reverse some of the negative side effects associated with medical marijuana," says Lewis. "Cannabis users who are concerned about being arrested while growing and selling cannabis are often better served by Delta-8 THC products," she continues.

According to the Delta-8 website, their product line includes: CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD oil gels, Delta-8 capsules, Delta-8 flower, Delta-8 Topicals, shatter packs and others. However, www.area52.com doesn't mention if the delta-8 is manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory or not. The Delta-8 website also does indicate that this pharmaceutical grade product is used for "high quality, therapeutic" cannabis products. It is unclear how Delta-8 can "differentiate itself from other pharmaceutical grade cannabis products."

The medical marijuana industry in the US is currently illegal, violating federal law. Although Delta-8 THC is highly concentrated, it is also not psychoactive like smoked or drunk marijuana, which means it is a legal, effective alternative for medical patients who want a less harmful and more easily-obtainable form of medical marijuana. According to the US Federal Government, marijuana is Schedule II, which according to the Drug Enforcement Administration is "the most dangerous drug on the national market". Although it is schedule II, cannabis is still legal in many states, including California and Washington, for medicinal use.

If you're wondering where to buy Delta-8 THC, you may have to look online. Although Delta-8 is sold at health food stores and other retail outlets and can be ordered online, ordering it this way requires a prescription. As a result, some websites may offer Delta-8 with a prescription from a doctor, but these types of offers are limited and may be expired. However, Delta-8 and hemp have gone from being side-lined in the medical marijuana sector to being openly embraced.

There are quite a few hemp products to choose from, including clothing, flooring, and furniture. In the last year, the hemp market has boomed and is projected to continue to grow exponentially as more states begin to enact legislation allowing for regulated hemp growing and distribution. In Canada, farmers are permitted to grow industrial hemp, which allows them to create clothing and hemp fiber products like towels, ropes, and clothes. In the UK, a similar scheme has been implemented, allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp to make fabric for the textile industry.

Now that you know where to buy Delta-8, you should discover that hemp is no longer an underdog in the fight to get rid of unwanted substances in our landfills and water systems.


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