Yii Framework Development – Why It Should be Taken Seriously

by Neha Xavier Content Writer

In the recent dates, huge number of web development companies use PHP frameworks for their web application needs. PHP frameworks have been mostly pursued for its features and advantages to create powerful software solutions of higher order. Among these frameworks, Yii development complements the web development goals and requirements in the software world. As much service seekers are going with this set of framework, most of the Yii development company feels the heat to upgrade their development works to Yii in order to not lag behind in the ever growing competitive market.

Yii – “Yes It Is” - Fast, Safe and Secure in all specifications of web application development

Web Development Companies Inclined to Yii:

Leading over the competition as well as the technology barriers, most of the business portals or small organizations or any enterprises are hiring well experienced Yii developers to stay in the hunt. These companies realized that they need some sort of creativity and sophistication of web solutions. With this term, they have a clear view on Yii, which serves to be an ideal one as it has enough features, stability and flexibility to enable companies that deliver web solutions that are easy to test, debug, and maintain.

As an open source project, Yii promotes various projects such as clean layouts, indirect customization, caching solutions and still more features are associated with it. When compared with other frameworks, it allows plenty of freedom for developers to handle the glitches easily and keep focus on long term goals with its simple learning curve. Get Yii development services to put an end to their ordeal as well as to attract your clients.

Why Such a Growing Reliance on Yii

Whether it may be an E-Commerce portal or any business organizations or gaming applications, Yii remains as the finest hub without exhausting the developers. With its versatile libraries and extensions, it leads to considerable reduction in the amount of code to be written for simplifying the complicated functions. It gives enormous features and benefits with its MVC design functionality. It enables clients to take full control of web applications with lightweight caching solutions. Yii's sophisticated services deliver web solutions that are secure and safe. The main benefit of Yii is reusability of code and develops the long term projects in the earlier time.

The Yii applications ensure compatibility with most of the browsers and operating systems. As they are supported by AJAX, they are highly responsive. Yii comes with unique authentication procedures so that the web applications cannot be accessed by any unauthorized personnel or hackers. Their security algorithms fails an attempt to modify the code maliciously.

Yii framework development services easy to maintain and develop. You can create any responsive or convertible designs without any fuss. The major advantage of Yii is that their codes are easily readable and understandable. And finally with little experience, a developer can create some better applications.

Some of the benefits of Yii follows:

Extensive Libraries

Third party code functionality

Ultimate security options

AJAX widgets

No frequent writing of SQL statements

An RBAC to control built-in authentication support

Automatic creation of WSDL for request handling

Layered caching solutions

A dynamic input and validation method

Knowing its benefits and advantages, just opt for Yii framework development services in India from the finest web development company to develop powerful web applications for the requirements of your clients. In the next article we can discuss about open source software development. Share your comments if you like this article.

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