Write a Powerful Conclusion: 8 Basic Guidelines

by Sophie Williams SEO executive

Writing a riveting essay conclusion is as crucial as the introduction.  You wouldn't want to disappoint your readers with a bland end. Imagine all the hard work of researching and writing going to waste because your final statement failed miserably to make a significant mark.

In all academic essays, your conclusion is one of the essential components. It may sound not very easy to write a compelling and robust conclusion that ties up everything together, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you can become a master of writing a perfect end.

     1. When you are writing an essay conclusion, avoid writing generic content like "in conclusion" or "To conclude with". Try to take a different approach, such as asking a question like "now what?" or be more straightforward.

      2. Keep your conclusion short and compelling. Your reader has already read the important points. Don’t introduce any new idea in this section.

      3. You must be original and give your reader something to ponder on after completing the book. Create an opportunity for your reader to think about your argument.

      4. Focus on your original idea and the thesis statement. In the introduction, you begin with something in general, but for the conclusion, you need to be more specific.

      5. Don’t leave loose ends. You must connect your essay conclusion with the introductory paragraph to sound more potent and compelling. Remember, you are showcasing the primary argument in a new light.

     6. Highlight the problem statement and show its impact on people's life. Don't forget to mention your solution to the identified problem.

      7. If there's nothing much to include in your concluding paragraph, you can add a summary that sums up all the significant factors from your article and reinforces your ideas.

     8. Finally, try to keep your conclusion positive and easy to comprehend. Don’t be apologetic for writing an argumentative content. If you do so, you are only putting yourself and your work in the poor light.

Writing a cohesive conclusion not helps to portray your knowledge of a subject and also helps to create a strong impression of you and your work on the minds of the readers. Keep everything simple and clear and avoid using complex words to sound smart. If you religiously follow these guidelines, nothing can stop you from writing a persuasive essay conclusion.

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