Why Use Ticketing Software Instead of Email?

by Vaishali Gopi Digital Marketer

Traditionally, we have known email as a great method used for business communication. It has served a number of purposes to offer support to the customers as well. However, when the organization grows, there is a larger customer base with more number of support requests. This is the time when the inbox overflows and it becomes difficult for the support team to handle the problems. This scenario can become worse when mistakes occur. In order to eliminate such risks, firms need to take a shift and use ticketing software. It helps the support team to maintain a database and resolve customer’s concerns in no time.

The ticketing system can directly convert the emails into tickets, and also offers plenty of other tools using which a healthy relation can be made with the consumers. Only after using the software, one can realise how easier and quicker it is than dealing with the emails. Customers look for prompt support, and when help desk software is doing better than what emails do, then why not go for a new approach? Let us check out some of the good reasons that tell us why ticketing software has to be used in place of email.

  1. Centralised information

Imagine the trauma of searching one particular customer request from a heap of emails from different accounts. That’s pretty confusing, isn’t it? Well, you can cut this out by using ticketing software. It has a centralised database where all the requests are stored, and it is less stressful and faster to sift through and find what you have been hunting. In addition to this, emails can become complex if there are many team members on to it. Also, agents need to cc the emails to entire team and keep everyone informed about the status. All these tasks can be eliminated with ticketing system as everything is always in place here.

  1. Flexibility

One of the major issues associated with the email system is that the representatives have to spend their time in hopping from one inbox to another.  This chaos can be resolved with integrated ticketing software that helps each and every representative to work with utmost efficiency. To be clear, the support system can get best help in every circumstance. Email system is also inflexible when answering queries of the customers. The ticketing system, on the other hand, allows the support team to solve queries from anywhere providing them flexibility.

  1. Professionalism

Help desk software is definitely a professional product than email system. It gives confidence to the customers that the organization’s support team cares about them and offers immediate help. For instance, when customers write an email, they are usually unsure about the response. On the other hand, ticketing software is made to offer quick responses to the customers. As the system is professional, every business can gain advantage of it. Also, one can cross over the competition with a latest professional system instead of using the traditional method.

  1. Measuring the performances

Does email system help you measure the performance of your team? The answer is no. It can just send and receive emails but not track someone’s efficiency. Fortunately, a ticketing system does. The software stores the information of the team members such as who has raised the ticket, how many tickets were successfully solved, how many were left out, and which team member has worked best last month. Besides, it is easy to track the customer requests as well, and how much time it is taken to solve the query. When you can perform multiple activities with ticketing system, it is the better option on any day.

  1. Transparency, continuity, and collaboration

As already mentioned, help desk software gives you information that an email system does not. Even if a team member resigns, the data with regards to any ticket or customer will be there in the system. It gives information on ticket status, solved and unsolved tickets, and more. Hence, with transparency, there will be continuity too as the new employee can start from where the former employee has stopped. In addition to this, it is easy to collaborate with other departments of the organizations using ticketing software. For example, if any department in the company is facing some technical issue, then the support team can supervise for a short period of time and let everyone know about the status.

With the above reasoning, it is clear that ticketing software is better than email system for efficient and streamlined activities in the organization. It is a win-win situation for both – the support team and customers. Having a ticketing system is a good investment as it leaves you with satisfied and repeating customers. What more can an organization ask for?  Without any second thoughts, install the help desk software and reap the benefits.

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