Why Education is important for the development of a Better Nation

by Rohit Sharma Internet Marketer

Reasons why education is so important in the development of a better nation:-

    Eradicates Poverty

One of the greatest problems a nation face is Poverty!

More literacy means high employability, which means eradication of poverty and better living conditions.

A person’s perspective on poverty can be changed & make him have a progressive mind that can productively contribute to the nation progress.

    Equality of Gender

Making every girl educated will successfully reduce gender-based discrimination. This results in a more balanced and progressive society.

    Remove Unemployment

Helps in removing unemployment as an educated person doesn’t remain unemployed. Unemployment is a hindrance to the progress of the nation as it leads to low living standards. India has booming opportunities for employment for every level of education. But youths who are uneducated are forced to get involved in committing petty crimes and other illegal means to feed the needs of their family, just because of unemployment.

    Reduces Crimes Against Women

It is often said that a well-educated man can resort to reason first than violence. Moreover, an educated woman knows her rights very well. She can defend herself against any threats. With the help of education, these crimes which happened with women can get reduced to some extent.

    Nation Building

For any developing country like India, achieving developmental goals become imperative that it eradicates some of the social evils like illiteracy, gender inequality, malnutrition, poverty, poor health & hygiene and many more.

Undoubtedly, education is the most important weapon to fight against all these evils and is necessary for a nation to develop.

A nation is nothing but an amalgamation of different states. An educated, cultured, progressive society thus represents a progressive nation whose people are happy & contented. A nation will progress only if it overcomes the problems of Poverty, Unemployment, Inequality and Corruption.

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Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
Standard or ordinarily education doesn´t have so much impact on development of a better nation. Poverty usually doesn´t come from lack of knowledge but from lack of life awareness and lack of its higher understanding. Averagely life brings subsistence and consciousness out of the self brings better life for every individual.
Apr 15th 2019 12:44   
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