Why Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Is The Way To Go!

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Carpets are in use in our households since times immemorial. They were and still are a crucial part of the home furnishing. It's a known fact that clean carpets are less disease prone and add a clean look to your home. 

These days carpets are also used as a flooring option by homeowners, offices, and hotels. Some people opt for thin carpets which are more affordable. Mostly, offices and hotels opt for rugs that are thick and lavish. They tend to be more expensive than the thin carpets. 

Carpets like any other flooring require maintenance for an elongated lifespan. Depending on a carpets’ texture and fiber there are various techniques for cleaning the carpets like shampooing, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. 

However, among all of the new methods, steam cleaning is the most popular.

First, let's understand what Steam Cleaning is?

It is also known as hot water extraction or wet cleaning method.

In steam, cleaning water is boiled near to the boiling point and applied to the carpet for deeper penetration. 

Hot water penetrates to the last layer of the carpet, and the stains get to loosen up and come right out. Then, the carpet is vacuumed to extract water and solution. 

It is a proven deep cleaning technique.

Now, let's look into the reasons why is it such a popular method-

1. No residue

Other carpet cleaning methods leave soap, residue or dirt behind. 

When carpets get clean, they tend to recoil more quickly.

If you get your carpets steam cleaned from a carpet cleaning professional, they will ensure the carpet is cleaned thoroughly, and mold never grows in it.

One of the best things about steam carpet cleaning is it never leaves residue behind, and there's a drastic reduction in the drying time as this method doesn't flood your carpets with water and most of the water is sucked while vacuuming.

2. Environment Friendly

Other cleaning methods use tons of chemicals to brighten the carpet. Therefore, this is extremely harmful to toddlers, pets, people with asthma and the environment.

Another, benefit of this method is that it has minimal chemical present during the process.

So, concern for harmful residue deteriorating the environment as well as indoor is very less.

3. Your Kids Are Safe

Little kids or toddlers spend their entire day lying, sitting, crawling and playing on the carpet.

And which is why parents should be cautious of the products they use for cleaning their carpets. Any use of the harmful chemical can directly affect their kid's health.

Cleaners which are used traditionally with the high amount of chemicals will harm the kids as well as the environment.

Steam cleaning also acts as a disinfectant and disinfects areas using water, and no dangerous residue is left behind.

4. It's Perfect For Your Wall to Wall Carpeting

Steam carpet cleaning is the utmost ideal carpet cleaning method 
for the wall to wall carpeting as the machine can be easily navigated around the corners of the wall and furniture.

It sucks up and pulls out dirt which is present in the deepest layers of the carpet.

To maintain your carpet flooring and bless them with a long life it is necessary to call in a professional carpet cleaner once in a while so that they can get a thorough cleanse. 

Notably, for places with heavy foot traffic like hotels and offices to get it cleaned once a year. Also, homeowners are advised the same with pets and kids.

Now, let's get into the FAQ, i.e., Will Steam Cleaning Ruin My Carpet?

Not at all, steam carpet cleaning is not aggressive in any way on your carpet. 

But, in case the carpet is of cheap quality it may get damaged. However, the damage is less than the other cleaning methods available out there.

Also, this method uses hot water which kills most of the bacteria, allergens, germs and it also takes out fungus, mold and dust mites.

Steam Cleaning for Respiratory System?

Well, yes you read that correctly. Active mold cells in the carpet release mycotoxins, which can create respiratory trouble. 

It triggers a reaction in pets and people who have sensitive histamine systems. 

So, the method of removing molds from carpets is steam cleaning, and it also helps in expanding the lifespan of your carpet.

It is recommended to get steam cleaning once in six months to a year. 

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