Why Choose Attendance Management System over Time Tracking Software?

by Shailendra Kumar Tech Reviewer

Time tracking software is HR tech-based software that helps managers keep track of the time spent by their employees on different tasks. The purpose of such software is to make sure that each employee completes the work within the stipulated time. It also helps in saving a lot of money by reducing unnecessary overtime hours and increasing efficiency. However, using time tracking software for your organisation can be counterproductive.

Why choosing time tracking software for your employees is not a healthy choice?

Time tracking software doesn’t allow employees to work productively as they are constantly reminded about the amount of time they have spent on each task. This makes them feel like they have to rush through their work to complete it on time and also get paid for it. This results in low quality work and causes frustration among employees.

Furthermore, it creates an environment where employees are constantly competing with each other rather than working together towards achieving company goals. Instead of helping managers understand how much work their employees have done or how efficiently they have worked, it creates stress among them too!

If you are thinking about implementing time tracking software for your employees then you should know that it might not be the right idea if you want them to be more productive and efficient at work. So, instead of wasting money on buying expensive hardware and software, you should consider other alternatives like attendance management software

What is Attendance Management Software?

Attendance management software is yet another HR tech-based application that is used to manage employee attendance by keeping track of their work hours and absence from work. This helps organisations ensure that their employees are present at work when they need them and also reduces the risk of absenteeism or tardiness among employees.

Attendance management software can also help companies with payroll calculation and other related tasks like leave management, vacation schedule planning etc. This ensures that you get more work done with less effort and reduces costs related to training, recruitment and retention. It not only helps you manage your employees’ attendance but also allows managers to set targets for them and get reports on their performance.

Must-Have Features of Attendance Management Software

Let us take a look at some of the must-have features of Attendance Management Software:

  • Flexible reporting options

  • Customizable fields and data types

  • Accessibility across multiple devices

  • Automated processing of employee time sheets and attendance records

  • Integration with payroll software for easy paycheck generation

  • Employee self-service portal that allows employees to view their time off requests, approvals, and vacation balances

  • Real-time reporting on employee work hours and attendance trends

  • Single platform for managing all your employees’ time sheets and shift changes

  • Ability to track employee attendance over time, including the ability to see trends and make comparisons between groups (such as departments or teams)

  • Option of sending automated email reminders to employees ahead of their time off in order to avoid any confusion about their scheduled days off

  • Integrate with your HR system so that you can pull data from there instead of having to enter it twice into different systems

How to Choose Attendance Management Software for your company?

First, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to set up. You don’t have time to be spending hours on end trying to get this thing working! You need it up and running in no time flat so that you can start tracking your employees’ hours and getting accurate reports on them.

Second, it should allow you to track absences and employee hours with ease. If you’re going to be using this software as part of an attendance policy, then it needs to make things simple for both the company and its employees.

Thirdly — and perhaps most importantly — it should be easy-to-use by both employees and managers alike. It should also make reporting on employee attendance (and other related data) simple enough that even someone who isn’t trained in IT or other such fields can access the information they need from day-to-day operations without needing any help from IT professionals or other technical staff members who might otherwise be tasked with providing such services.

Thus, if you are convinced to have the attendance management system rather than time tracking software, then, you should book a discovery call with HROne to know about their modules.

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