Why Arthritis Are More Likely To Affect Women

by Michael Grey An expert orthopedic and chief medical researcher

Research says that women run a higher risk compared to men when it comes to bone diseases, especially Arthritis. Read to know why. 

Osteoarthritis is a severe condition of joint inflammation and is the most common type of arthritis that affects people, both men and women, worldwide. It is caused by the erosion of the protective cover or cartilage that cushions the bone ends in our joints. Though joints are present in all the parts of our body, the most prominent joints that are primarily affected by osteoarthritis are knees, spine, hips, and hands. Wearing down of the cartilages occurs at a very early stage in a woman’s life, like when she hits her 30s, whereas in most men these kinds of bone disorders or symptoms are mostly seen after they crosses their 50s. 

This post basically discusses the reasons why women start experiencing discomfort in the joints or show signs of Arthritis at an early age. 



A woman’s body is shaped differently from men and also functions in a unique way. The motion of the joints of a female body is said to play an active role in the occurrence of Arthritis. Most women have wider hips and as per experts, it is one of the reasons for the misalignment of the knees. Also, it puts extra stress on the inside part of the knees which triggers the causes of Arthritis. Uneven load on the knees is the biggest and most common cause of Osteoarthritis in women. 



Based on surveys carried out by orthopedic experts, it has been concluded that women with more than 5 to 6 childbirth have developed Arthritis at an early age and among which most of them have undergone knee or hip replacements. On the contrary, no such consequences have been reported by the mothers of 1 or 2 children.  



Women have joints that are more flexible as compared to men. Hypermobile joints are also found in women where they are able to bend or extend joints painlessly beyond the usual capacity or range of motion.  Hypermobility is a sign that the joints are cushioned by weak muscles and the tissues of the ligaments are too loose to hold the joint firmly. Thus, Hypermobility is considered a big cause of Osteoarthritis in women.



Hormones, namely, estrogen and testosterone, are also responsible for affecting joints of the women and developing Osteoarthritis. After years of observation and studies on women of all the age groups, it has been concluded that after menopause the rate of occurrence of Arthritis shoots up. Why? Well, it is the belief of the experts that fall in the level of estrogen is a reason for rising arthritis among women who have crossed their 50 years.  However, proper and comprehensive reports are yet to make to validate this point. 

Alternately, experts have also claimed that the absence of testosterone hormones also makes women more vulnerable to bone disorders like Arthritis. The testosterone hormone has multiple health benefits among which stronger bones, the building of muscles and supporting joints are the most vital ones.  

So, don’t wait for the worse to happen. If you think that your body feels weak while carrying out even the simplest of physical activities, like climbing a couple of stairs, bending down to sit on a low-level stool, then your joints might be lacking the necessary nutrients. You must stay observant of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and do everything to avoid getting affected by it.  Provide enough nourishment to the joints and bones to keep them stronger and healthier. 

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