Why Are Massages and Chiropractic Care Better Together?

by Franklin Williams Medicine

Most of them know the benefits they receive through chiropractic care and the relaxing effects of a good massage. But did you know that getting both regular massages and chiropractic adjustments enhances your entire well-being? Many chiropractic doctors and massage therapists work together because their treatments are complementary. Let us explore each modality and how they work together to improve your health and wellness.

About Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

The chiropractors near me reduce joint restrictions in the spine and other body joints. This reduces inflammation and pain while enhancing the functioning of both affected joints and nervous systems. The treatment is highly controlled that requires minimum force and gentle pressure. Patients generally feel relief right after the manipulations.

Massage places near me work on the tendons and the body muscles. A skilled masseuse implements techniques for manipulating the muscles and tendons affected by pain. Different types of massages include:

Trigger point: This relieves areas that are tight and may cause pain

Deep tissue: This uses slow movements targeting the muscles with concentrated pressure

Swedish: This is more traditional that increases the blood flow and circulation while relaxing the patient

How are they Better Together?

Your muscles coordinate time and movements due to the message you receive from your nervous system through the spinal cord. When the inflammation and restriction in your muscles and nervous systems reduce, you allow optimal functioning and communication throughout the body. Hence, regular massage therapy and route chiropractic care make the perfect wellness combination.

After a massage, your muscles loosen, making chiropractic treatments more effective, and the pain relief lasts longer. Besides, the soft tissues treated with massage heal quickly once the joints realign. Ongoing regular treatment with both massage and chiropractic helps keep the pain at bay. If improved nervous system functioning, reduced inflammation, and relief from pain are insufficient, routine chiropractic care and visiting massage near me also:

·         Boosts the immune system functioning

·         Increases blood flow

·         Increases flexibility

·         Improves the overall range of motions

Which Treatment to Opt for First?

Chiropractic Care Before a Massage

Getting chiropractic care before a massage allows for chiropractic adjustments to hold better. After the care, your joints are just positioned with high velocity, low amplitude, and adjustments. This radical change in the body can affect your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, pain thresholds, and brain neuroplasticity. With a massage after your chiropractic adjustment, your body benefits from all the treatment.

Chiropractic Care After a Massage

If a person experiences tight muscles caused by the nervous system or biomechanically, it affects the chiropractic adjustments. Making corrective changes in the body has a more profound effect when the body is parasympathetic or relaxed. Those new to chiropractic care might fair better here for reducing anxiety on being adjusted for the first time.

Both the methods are powerful in their ways. Hence, there is no definite answer about which treatment to opt for first. Every person requires personalised care, and a consultation with your chiropractic doctor or massage therapist can help you figure out which one to go for first. 

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