What is AI and how is it useful

by Ankit Srivastava Digital Marketing Professional

Artificial Intelligence aka AI, is a modern day computer technology where computers behave as if have used human intelligence to perform certain tasks which reduce human efforts and dependency. In other words, it is basically computer working in spheres where human intelligence is required.

AI has entered our lives, going beyond just business and organization to shape the way we see the world and operate in it. Simplest examples of AI can be seen in- Google search, Voice search options like Siri, Alexa, Hound, Cortana, etc. Smart phones are a classic example of AI triggered algorithms.

How is AI Useful-

There are barely any industries which are untouched by AI today. The applications and intensity may vary but there’s a little bit of this technology in everyone’s life today who consumes accesses internet. Marketers and digital experts have been rapidly using AI algorithms for successful digital outreach. Industries like Computer technology, Aviation, BFSI, Healthcare, Tourism, Education, Space technology, Human Resource Management, Job search, Marketing, Media, Commerce, Entertainment, Electronics, Communication, Tele communications, Agriculture and a lot many are using AI driven applications to perform better and reduce human engagement for performing complex functions while still focus on other things important.

How AI works-

AI takes support from Machine Learning (ML) in order to perform the way human intelligence does. Computer is made to learn to respond in a certain way to pre-decided actions fed in its system. Algorithms and historical data are the two main things used to create a propensity model in order to make predictions like the way Chatbots do. This is however a common marketing function AI performs. The scope is immensely vast as it lessens human physical dependency on any task. That is to say that when computing serves are more than just a machine and helps humans in doing their work for them, people can focus on several other important things at the same time.

The scope is wider and undefined but the biggest uses are:

  • Automation enhancements in software and business processes.

  • Smart forecasting in weather, disasters, its aftermath, etc.

  • Decreasing human dependency for task performance.

  • Minimal to practically Zero scope or errors

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Digital Marketing

  • Next generation engagement strategies

SOURCE : Artificial Intelligence

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