What is a web development framework

by Kay P. Enabling Digital Transformation For Small & Medium

A web development framework is nothing but a collection of solutions and tools required by software developers to create, customize, and maintain web applications, services, and sites.

Let me explain this. Consider a loaf of bread. While making one, it is always easier to use the sliced bread from the store than baking it from scratch. A rapid web application development framework does the same. As a developer, you can skip around setting the system ground-up and directly move to the development processes quickly.

A rapid web application development framework improves performance, enhances capabilities, and offers a host of pre-coded snippets. This significantly reduces the time required for programming. You can complete a substantial part of programming by just adding the right code snippets. It enables you to develop applications quickly and stay ahead in today’s highly dynamic and volatile market.

More importantly, a rapid web application development framework is not limited to coding alone. Features such as APIs, templates, models, and more are also available in these frameworks. Thanks to multiple innovations in the uniquely evolving world of technology, rapid web application development has become an easy process. It has made enterprises, especially the SMBs, much less reliant on core developers.

Let us take a look at some other benefits of a rapid application development framework:

  • In order to enhance the visual look and feel of a web application, a rapid web application development framework comes in handy. It has ‘drag and drops’ features that allow adding stunning visual features. The process of incorporating the features is easy.

  • No more slogging for hours and writing lengthy codes. You can complete large chunks of your project in minutes with pre-coded functionalities of these frameworks. This results in improved efficiency, shorter turn-around time (TAT), minimal bug-fixing requirements and development cost optimization.

  • A framework can be reused as and when needed for rapid web application development.

  • Global quality parameters continue to evolve at a higher frequency. Since this is the age of the Internet, the business landscape is globalized. It means that irrespective of the industry and geography, your business has to meet the global standards to an extent. So, the foundational work turns out to be very difficult in case of building an application from scratch. RADP comes in handy here. Through the constant prototyping and collaborative approach, developers are incorporating global expectations within the offerings, while developing.

  • A rapid application development framework also puts your customization project on the fast track by means of add-ons, themes, widgets, and so on.

  • The approach is scalable as well. This capability is advantageous today, because of the constantly changing business environment and requirement.

  • Security systems are usually stringent when it comes to most of the popular rapid web application development frameworks. In case of a security lapse, you can consult the concerned team to get the issue resolved quickly and effectively.

So, make your pick…

Do not shy away in selecting a rapid web application development framework. The best way is to create a list of your requirement, then evaluate the available options against those requirements. Needless to say, doing so narrows down the options and makes selection easy.

Alternatively, you can go through user testimonials and opt for a tried and tested one. In this case, you will surely find HokuApps rapid web application development framework in most customer recommendations. HokuApps increases the production speed by up to ten times in comparison to the frameworks based on traditional development models.

In a changing business ecosystem where technology has become the key enabler, the turn-around time to reach market can be a boon or the bane. For instance, if you fail to deliver a product to an enterprise customer on time, it may never come back to you in future. In fact, one instance of failure can cause long-term reputational damage. HokuApps’ tools not only facilitate rapid development and deployment but also, provides seamless integration with legacy systems. So, you do not have to make any major change to your existing infrastructure for the new application. You can also capture data and monitor multiple projects in real time using this framework. The security components of HokuApps’ rapid web application development tools are also compliant with global parameters.

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