What Do The Structural Engineers Do And How Do They Work?

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Structural engineers are civil engineers specializing in the designs, documentation, maintenance, and repairing the structures. They have the responsibility of designing, checking, and certifying the structures like the buildings, tunnels, and bridges.

The residential structural engineers are specializing in designing, documenting, and maintenance of residential structures like units, houses, motels, granny flats, hotels, and hostels.

So, What Do The Structural Engineers Do?

If you are to start a project and have to hire structural engineers from a licensed engineering firm in Queensland, then you need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities.

First, the structural engineers study the way the forces are applied to the building parts, the way those forces are transmitted and resisted, the effects those forces impact on the structural parts and even the entire structure.

For instance, the structural engineer designing the houses will prioritize-

  • How strong should the roof be so it does not sag a lot under its own weight or else under a worker’s weight on the roof?

  • How strong should the roof be so it does not get blown away by a tornado or a cyclone?

  • How strong should the walls be for supporting the wall cladding as well as the roof structure?

  • How strong should the floor be for supporting furniture, people, floor coverings like the special floor tiles, special items like the grand pianos

  • How strong should the foundation be for supporting the whole house, how deep should the footings be for stopping the house from being moved by any natural disasters, and how strong should the footings be for the building not to be affected a lot by the ground moving.

The process the structural engineer follows at the time of designing the structures is simple -

  • Determining the forces

  • Determining the load path

  • Designing the structural elements

Nevertheless, the work amount could entail based on the structure, the structural part types, and the way they are joined.

On the other hand, the structural engineers designing a high-rise building consist of greater forces and more load path compared to the structural engineers designing a small footbridge.

Where Are the Structural Engineers Working?

The structural engineers have to work everywhere at the buildings, bridges, and tunnels. They need a phone signal, notepad, and email connections. Whenever a problem arises, they focus on new building planning or else implementation of the existing plan from time to time.

A structural engineer is a backbone behind the houses and buildings. For building a structure, the valuable services of structural engineers necessary at the time of planning - starting with basic determination, construction designs to executing planning and monitoring production. Being the construction experts, they deal with important calculations, which include exactly determining the required time to reinforce steel for a concrete slab. Working intensively with the architects, the structural engineers are always aware of the progress at the construction site. In any form of construction, they have to play a crucial role to ensure the property is having a healthy foundation that will be strong for a long time period. All the calculations of the structural engineers are included in the construction plans of the architects and civil engineers. 

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