What are the Views of Best Schools like BHS High School on Mandatory Volunteerism?

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Volunteerism for social causes is not a new concept in the Indian education system. Our traditional education system was more or like today’s boarding schools. The objectives of ‘Gurukuls’ were to build the complete personalities of students. Since social services help participants to incorporate lofty attributes, the ‘Gurus’ or teachers/mentors used to involve students in such tasks.    

Some reputed schools in Kolkata are also of the opinion that volunteerism should be incorporated in the syllabus. BHS High School has always been a proponent of this idea. Following points will make it clear why India needs more such schools.


Why volunteerism should be in the syllabus of school education in India?


1.     Moral education: The impact of moral education is reflected in works that bring positive changes in society. That’s the objective of moral education. To channelise knowledge gained through school/ college education for the benefit of society.

Unfortunately, we still follow Macaulay’s education system to some extent. It has reduced the impact of moral education. The latter has been shrunk to mere bunches of lofty ideas, printed in school books.    

Well, this is not the true nature of moral education. Many schools are adopting the latest developments in the world of education. These schools are using volunteerism as a tool to practically demonstrate the impact of good deeds in society.

When students participate in such activities, they see how they themselves can bring positive changes in society. Their own deeds act as the source of inspiration to participate in more such activities, serving the role of a catalyst.

2.     Additional marks: Some states in the USA make volunteerism mandatory for high school students to get graduation certificates. Students have to volenteer for some social services for a certain hour. Such tasks can include participation in some awareness programme or collection of donations etc.

It’s a pity that in spite of having organisations like the NCC and the NSS, volunteerism doesn’t receive widespread acceptance in our society and schools. Now is the time to make a difference.

If schools introduce grade incentives for volunteering, it can give the much needed leg up to mandatory volunteerism.

3.     A sense of community: Studies have shown that former volunteers connect better with their communities. Chances are more that they participate in community lives in the future.

Is this not the ultimate objective of education? Whatever you learn in your schools and colleges, the knowledge gained must be invested towards the upliftment of the less fortunate.

At present, our society is struggling against corruption etc. How often do we find educated and talented people accused of serious charges of corruption? Mandatory volunteerism inspires students to solve problems with an ethical view. Ultimately, the habit will give rise to a better society. 


Parents want the best for their children. And the proudest moment for them is when the whole society praises their children. BHS has always been in favour of holistic education. No wonder that every year, many parents apply for admission at Birla High School nursery.

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