What Are The Actions That Nullify The I’tikaf? | Complete Guide

by Madiha Khalil Digital Marketing Head

Like any other actions that we perform just for the sake of Allah Almighty has some conditions. I’tikaf has some conditions that must need to be followed otherwise I’tikaf would be nullified. You can perform I’tikaf at Masjid-al-Haram or Masjid-e-Nabawi by Umrah packages. Following are the actions that need to be avoided to validate your I’tikaf:

Immoral Intentions: I’tikaf is a spiritual journey that one spends only for the sake of Allah. So it is invalid to make wrong intentions other than focusing on Allah Almighty, Quran, and Islam. If one is performing I’tikaf in the way that his friends, family, and other peers can visit him then it would be considered as invalid.

Leaving the Mosque: Once you have started your I’tikaf then you can’t leave the mosque without any right reason. This means that you can only go outside the mosque to get food for Suhoor or Iftaar. You can also go to perform Ghusl if you required. Going outside without any reason or staying outside after fulfilling your requirements will also nullify your I’tikaf.

However, it had been noticed that The Holy Prophet (PBUH) would stick His Head outside the mosque so that Hazrat Aisha (RA) can comb His hair Volume 3, Book 33, Number 245. This clarifies that you can’t take your body completely outside the mosque without any reason.

Sexual Contact: In Islam, you are allowed to have sexual relation with your wife after the period of fasting until the Athan of Fajr. But in the case of I’tikaf, you can’t have any kind of sexual contact with your wife in the whole period of I’tikaf. You can’t kiss, hold a hand or any other kind of sexual activity with your spouse in I’tikaf. Sexual relation and masturbation are not allowed at all during I’tikaf. If one does so the I’tikaf would become invalid.

Post-childbirth bleeding or Menstruation: If a woman is experiencing any of either post-childbirth bleeding or Menstruation cycles she should take part I’tikaf. If it starts during I’tikaf performance then she is advised to leave the mosque until the bleeding stops.

Not of Sound Mind: this can happen by the effect of any kind of substance that affects your mental stability like wine and any kind of stuff like that. It could be temporary or permanent. If one becomes unable to make decisions by the effect of any of these things then I’tikaf will nullify.

Becoming sick/ill: if one becomes ill or sick during his/her I’tikaf then he/she must discontinue the I’tikaf performance and leave the mosque. The I’tikaf is nullified in such type of situations.

Disbelieving in Islam: if one becomes a disbeliever during his/her I’tikaf then not only the I’tikaf would be nullified he/she also have to leave the mosque. It also applies to the person who associates any other partners with Allah Almighty in any way (Placing others equal to Allah Almighty).

Arguing: It is not permissible to discuss the worldly matters with other persons during your I’tikaf as they lead to a long argumentation because of the different point of views. However, you can discuss the faith-based topics calmly. You can’t be angry with someone or speak too loud in an argument during your I’tikaf.

Using Perfumes: applying perfume or cologne to your clothes is not advised in I’tikaf. It has two reasons. One is that the wearer may seek pleasure from it and commit sin. The second is that others may seek pleasure from it and commit a sin that will nullify their I’tikaf. So it is advised that you should not apply any kind of perfume or cologne in I’tikaf.

Committing a Sin: It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a major or a minor sin it will nullify your I’tikaf. If you do so your I’tikaf will be nullified.

Business Dealing: The main purpose of I’tikaf is not making business deals in the mosque. Rather one should remain focused to only the Ibadah and Allah Almighty.

These are the actions that one needs to be avoiding to validate their I’tikaf. Some people also spend their lot of timing while sleeping this is also not encouraged. You can also book your I’tikaf in Makkah or Madinah before starting of Ramadan with any approved Umrah agents UK.

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