Weird CBD Products UK – Are They Worth It?

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The surge in popularity for CBD products uk has triggered businesses to include the compound in a wide array of weird and wonderful forms. And why not? “Variety is the spice of life” as they say… In reality, it can be confusing, and even misleading for customers who don’t fully understand what makes an effective and reliable CBD product.

Are these products good for your wellbeing? Or exploiting a trend? Read on to find out!


Questionable CBD Products

There are some products that have come to market that certainly do raise an eyebrow. Now, we are not saying these are completely useless, but they are certainly not things that we would pay for. Check these out:


1) CBD-Infused Pillow


We all love a good night’s sleep, but plastering a pillow in CBD is to put it politely: laughable.

It is possible for CBD to be absorbed through the skin, if done properly it can actually be surprisingly effective. But it takes a bit more ingenuity than a CBD-Infused Pillow.

The product we have seen doesn’t mention how much CBD the pillow has, but rest assured, what it does have will not do anything for your wellbeing.

Furthermore, when exposed to light and heat, cannabinoids can degrade. So unless this pillow is kept in dark protective case, which it isn’t, much of the cannabinoids may have degraded by the time it reaches you.

Keep your standard pillow, and have a few drops of high quality cbd oil instead.


2) CBD Toothpicks


Believe it or not, CBD does seem to have some benefits for dental health. Preliminary studies have indicated that CBD can eliminate certain bacteria in the mouth that lead to tooth decay.

However, toothpicks are unlikely to be the way forward. Unless, of course, if you want to leave the toothpicks stuck in between your teeth for prolonged periods of time.

A surface area small enough to fit between the gaps of your teeth is unlikely to have much CBD. Combined with the fact that the toothpick will only touch the gums for a few seconds means that they probably will not provide any relief.

But hey, CBD is an amazing compound, so they are probably much better than standard toothpicks. But why not use a normal toothpick, then apply a couple of drops of oil afterwards? It will be much more effective in terms of cost and relief.


3) CBD Hand Sanitisers


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many UK CBD companies pivoted their operations to help fight the virus. Some used their manufacturing capabilities to produce hand sanitisers, others offered heavily discounted products to help look after the wellbeing of their customers.

The majority of such companies had good intentions and were genuinely trying to help. However, unfortunately, some companies showed their true colours of caring more about money than people.

According to the world health organisation, hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol prove very effective in eliminating the virus. But does adding CBD make them any more effective? We don’t know.

We even noticed one company selling ‘antibacterial hand sanitisers’ with CBD, but no alcohol. This was likely to do very little and is actually dangerous, leading people to believe their hands are Covid-Free after using the product.

Some companies included hemp seed oil for its moisturising properties. This makes sense.

But charging a premium price for a CBD hand sanitizer that contains tiny amounts of CBD and may not be any more effective is unethical. Especially when people are in a state of panic.

As with the toothpick, it may provide some minute added benefits for the intended purpose. But it’s not worth the money in our humble opinion.

There are many more products available that we would not recommend. But you get the picture…


Best CBD Products UK

Here at BROWN’S CBD, we only offer products that can genuinely improve your wellbeing. We are not one of the ‘CBD warehouse’ companies that offer every product under the sun.

That’s why we have a relatively small product range. But the products we do offer have been expertly produced with the specific intention of improving people’s lives.

Before adding any new product to the range, it must be:

  • Full Spectrum
  • Remain close to the plant
  • Ethically sourced
  • 100% natural
  • Good value for money
  • Highly effective

If a new product ticks all of these boxes, we will consider it. But in many cases, the products we offer are all most people will need.

Do you want to see BROWN’S offering any new CBD products UK? Send us an email to and we will certainly consider any propositions!



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