Web Page Optimization Tips For HubSpot CMS: You Need to Know

by Vivek Patel HubSpot COS Design and Development.
A poor design and slow speed of web pages reasons of frustrating user experience and huge impact on bounce rates. As per the Google and SOASTA research, if a website page takes over 6 seconds to load, the bounce rate will increment by more than 100% and conversions will drop by 95%.

The page load time is a metric to remember in mind while whole website development process and, specially, it is essential for mobile. As per Google, 70% of web users will be on mobile at 2020.

Everyone wants to keep their business website on the top of the search results through SEO. If SEO is important for you then you should know about ranking factors, Google considers website speed as an important factor in determining rankings. By the “Mobile-first index” faster web page will ranks higher.

Here are useful tips to speed up your website and boost your page load time to keep higher on SERPs and increase visitors. Some important element to understand how we could optimize them on HubSpot.

1. Image Optimization

2. Server Response Time

3. Font Optimization

4. Code Compression

5. Mobile Optimization

6. Use Resource Caching

7. Content Optimization

#1. Image Optimization

There are many free online tools available on the web that help you to compress the image. Still, you should ensure that the quality of the images. The reduced size of an image is directly related to the decrease in page load time.

A HubSpot Website Design With good image quality will make it lighter and web-friendly. Images over 150KBs can heavily affect the page load time, especially for mobile users. To achieve the best performance of website you should upload optimized and web-friendly images.


* Compressed all images under 150KBs.

* Use standard formats, PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG.

* Use standard resolutions. (1920*1080)

#2. Server Response Time

Your developers followed all the guidelines to build a fast website. Still, the speed of a website is slow or take a time to perform different actions?

The Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) is an important metric that measures the responsiveness of your web server. TTFB measures the duration from the user making an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the client's browser.

The TTFB is made up of 3 separate components:

- The time for sending the HTTP request

- The time for the server to process the request

- The time for the server to send back the first byte of the response to the client browsers


* Enable Gzip compression

#3. Font Optimization

Web fonts are critical because poorly optimized web fonts can bog down the performance of your website. Web font optimization is a basic need to improve the overall performance of web pages. Some fonts tend to block the rendering of content, however, web fonts are not the only reason behind slow rendering.

You can reduce overall page size and optimize rendering by hosting fonts on HubSpot. Hosting fonts on HubSpot is very simple, create a dedicated fonts folder on the HubSpot file manager. When you decide to use them, you could simply copy the path and use them in CSS files.

#4. Code Compression

Code optimization strategies used to improve code quality and efficiency. The optimized code executes faster and utilizes less memory to execute, so it directly impacts on load loading speed and user experience.

We know that browser reads every single line of code to display full web pages, and modern web page contains many CSS and JavaScript file to get an attractive look, it is possible to make a slow down performance of a website. So use minified CSS, and JavaScript files.

HubSpot provides developers to a suitable way to store a CSS and JavaScript on the website. HubSpot has a content setting section to add and manage a code on the web page.


* Use Compress HTML, CSS and JS.

* Remove unnecessary code and comments.

* Compress multiple CSS or JS files into single file.

* Keep CSS at top and JS at the bottom.

#5. Mobile Optimization

Mobile users have different objectives than desktop users. It suggests they require information in quick and easy. The importance of optimizing your mobile experience to match a visitor’s needs and practices with regards to how they will reading your website.

HubSpot COS Templates or website that design under HubSpot CMS platform that automatically optimized for mobile devices.

#6. Use Resource Caching

Your web page made up with many elements and resources like images, video, CSS, JS, HTML and, other content. Whenever visitors make a request for your website, it must be load all content to display properly. For returning users it is frustrating to download same content every time available on the website. Resource caching helpful especially for having heavy content on the site, it directly affects the page speed.

Modern web browsers save content for a particular user in local folder (cache) for future uses and recall it for returning users. Browser caching is a request from a page which enables the user's browser to store content locally. Resource caching able to store images, CSS and JS and it improves page load time for returning users they don't need to download the entire content repeatedly.


* Enable server-side resource caching (Only if high traffic website)

#7. Content Optimization

Every web users visit the particular website for special requirements. So, while creating content, you have to consider your targeted audiences. To engaging the visitors, your content must be irrelevant, Valuable and easily discoverable.

Your website visitors may not be interested in every content on the page, and more content along with images takes time to load. multiple contents displayed on the same page its look like boring and cause for bounce rate. So, provide a small selection of content (like image and summary), if visitors interested, and want to consume time on that particular content, they could click on the section for read the full content.

Whenever standard template became fail to meet your needs. Our HubSpot experts will help you to drive your strategy by creating a HubSpot Website and Custom HubSpot Templates with user-friendly and mobile compatible practices.

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