Ways To Build And Develop Your Leadership Development Skills

by ISDM (Development Management) ISDM Executive

Who is a good leader? Everyone has a different definition of a good leader but for me a good leader is someone who leads and let others lead him. One who provides an open room to communication. While a leader's actions may be scrutinized when things are going bad, it is their leadership qualities that shine through the worst of times. We often hear people giving long speeches on becoming a good leader but do we really make an effort to practice to become one? A good leader learns something new everyday and is open to improvements. Sitting in my office one day, I was introspecting thinking am I a good leader to my subordinates? The question got glued in my head and I kept wondering throughout the day. Being in the development management sector, I understand the need of great leaders in our society and very frequently discuss it with my colleagues. That day I decided to not just speak about being a good leader but to educate my students to on building their leadership development skills that will help bridge the gap needed in our society and help bring a difference.


I then realised what leadership means to me. “I will be a great leader if I am able to make my students even a better leader than me”.


How can we build and develop our leadership skills?


·                     Being a good leader depends on how we get things done. Being a leader you should be able to motivate others and drive them to do their best in the situations of worst.  Great leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. The best way to become a great leader is to train yourself to become better each day and not make other learn but also learn and grow yourself as the organization grows


·                     Some say that some people are born leaders. I agree and not agree with us. Some have inbuilt qualities and a great talent to lead others. But for me experience also makes good leaders. We learn and grow everyday. We follow and we lead. It all comes around in a circle. If today I am learning from my leader then tomorrow I can be a leader and make others learn.  A great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on more responsibility. With responsibilities comes more experience. You learn as you see and if you have a great leader to look upto , you too can become a great leader who other will look upto


·                     Communication is one of the most powerful tools. You can solve all your problems and overcome obstacles effectively if you are a good communicator. Even someone who excels in many aspects of leadership will probably hit a ceiling if he or she is not a good communicator. A good communicator is not just a great speaker but also a great listener so that nothing in your team gets misunderstood or misinterpreted. It’s important to keep a tab on everyone involved in your team and make them feel equal. It is important to schedule weekly meetings to maintain a good line of communication to avoid problems which might occur later due to unawareness


·                     Remember if you are a good leader, you must have the ability to solve unpredictable situations. You must have a contingency plan ready ahead of any situation or circumstances. A mark of a good leader is someone who can see the bigger picture, and anticipate problems before they occur. The ability to foresee and provide suggestions for avoiding potential problems is invaluable for a leader


·                     We all remember good leaders. We all in our lives have come across a leader who has always motivated us in some way or the other. As they say, you always remember a good leader but a great leader is unforgettable. Our actions define who we are. A great leader is someone who leads their team and motivates them to perform at their best but he is also someone who challenges them and persuades them to move out of their comfort zone and at the same time make them work as a team. A great leader is someone who helps his/her team members grow personally and professionally, strategically nurtures future leaders but at the same time realises the importance of providing emotional support at the right time. A great leader is not someone who brings out the best from the best but someone who has the ability to bring out the best from the worst

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