Water Quality Factors To Take Into Account For New Home Constructions

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New house construction is the step to head towards creating a perfect home, that involves layout planning and design elements selections. Critical infrastructure decisions must be taken, and the top of everything is water quality considerations. So, when water quality is the current matter being addressed, then it needs smart decisions.

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Should your new home be having a private well installed or municipal water of London Municipal Water System – make a firm decision based on your property’s location. These are the solutions, but full of pros and cons, and water quality management is influenced by proper water filters selection from a renowned online store in London and installation.

Each option consists of primary water concerns, and let us look at them in brief.

I. Private Well Water

Contamination possibility is the huge water quality risk with the private well water. Hence, by no means can you avoid water filter system installation for appropriate cleaning and filtration to drive the bacteria and virus away, before they enter. Cloudy waters are another risk caused by the dissolved solids in the well. Also, extreme weather conditions cause the soil particles to cloud the water.

II. Municipal Water

With your home being connected to the municipal water supply, the water is given chemical treatment for killing viruses and bacteria. But this is a completely different problem, and this water is completely unfit for cooking, drinking and bathing because of the smell and chlorine taste.

Now, both these water types are likely to contain dissolved minerals, and regardless of the water source, the water quality will be impacted by scaling, taste, odour and staining.

Options to Treat the Common Water Quality Problems

As soon as the specific issues regarding water quality in the home has been identified, take up steps for water filtration system installation as the apt solution. It is good to be acquainted with the common water issues and their relevant solutions.
1. Hard Water
Dissolved minerals, like magnesium and calcium in the water, cause the issues. A water softener is the best solution for hard water for filtering the minerals out from the water. Thus, a washing machine can more effectively clean clothes, pipes will be free from minerals buildup, and you can enjoy satisfying showers.

2. Iron Stains
Cleaning the iron stains from bathroom fixtures is both hard and time-consuming. High iron levels affect the water flavour and render it a metallic taste. The problem, fortunately, can be fixed with a high–quality water filtration system for oxidizing iron, changing to a particle for easily removing by the filtration media installed inside.

3. Acidic Water
Based on the area for site construction, the water supply might not have a neutral pH balance. When water with a low pH (acidic) is entering your home, then it is bound to corrode the plumbing and fixtures of your home. But acid neutralizer unit installation is the best way for protecting investment and raising water to a less corrosive state.

4. Bacteria
Improperly sealed wells become established as the exposed bacteria source. It is harmful to health, deteriorate water's taste and odour for laundry and appliances. If the bacteria stricken water is consumed, then surely you will be preyed upon by digestive issues. Adequately chlorinating the well is the best solution and definitely sealing the crack.

The Municipal Water Quality Report will surely bring up unanswered questions, and private well water quality could unexpectedly change. So, take up initiatives to test water at least once a year for monitoring these changes, and definitely install water purifiers as apt water filtration and treatment solutions.

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