Want to become a motivational speaker? You must possess these 8 qualities

by Jaques Montegolifier Chartered Accountant
What makes one public speaker inspiring and the other just fine? Is there some set of rules? Public speaking is a fearful task leading to several emotions like anxiety, sweaty palms, gaseousness, and so forth. But there comes an opportunity where you are cornered, and you overcome those fears head-on. But how to become a speaker who not only got through negative emotions but also inspires others?

What rules does a decent motivational speaker follow?

•    They make eye contacts
•    Do not fiddle with their speech
•    Do not portray their nervousness
•    They move around the space
•    They say speak in a specific pattern

What the rules mean is be you and real. The audience wants authentic content and not a fake one.

But it is the following tips that form an inspiring leader:

1)    Awareness: It is the choice you receive as a speaker over your actions. The moment you gain knowledge, you can pick up the behavior that suits your audience. You can also drop the ones which might be distasteful as per the listeners.

2)    Empathy: Before beginning the speech as yourself, ‘what do I want to say?’. This is what every public speaker does. However, an inspirational or motivational speaker begins their speech from the audience perspective. In such scenarios, they become a speaker who people listen to and respect.

3)    Freshness: This quality gives a zing factor to your message. In fact, the freshness factor makes the speaker stand out regarding uniqueness, spontaneous, and memorable.

4)    Balance: Aspiring speakers should jot down the points which they want to address during the speech. You must see which information to send out and which ones to keep it to yourself. Also, add some information or examples with your key message. It makes the speech fascinating.

5)    Fearlessness: Public speaking requires you to go beyond your comfort zone to service the audience. This quality makes you an edgy and a powerful speaker. It also adds weight to your topic.

6)    Authenticity: The final quality is the ability to be yourself. You look vulnerable and sometimes inappropriate. But it is your authenticity that brings out the true self that connects you to the humanity of the audience and allows them to be authentic as well.

7)    Confidence: Another aspect that makes you a famous motivational speaker is confidence. Such speakers are often perceived as offering accurate, knowledgeable, intelligent, and trending message to the audience. It is natural to feel nervous, but if you want to excel in speech delivery, you must overcome those nervous jitters.

8)    Passion: With no love for the subject, chances are it will not excite the listeners as well. Without passion, your speech becomes meaningless. Plus, passionate topics elicit emotions and flow of natural feelings, which will eventually move the listeners. You will need to dig in deeper to find subjects that are of interest to you.

Even if a speaker is not 100 per cent confident or catch 100 per cent traditionally good speaking techniques, the mentioned qualities can make you a successful one.

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