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Male Hair Transplant in Delhi

Losing hair is not an easy thing for anyone. Shedding of strands can lead to panic and that fear leads to some random decisions. For men going bald, mere promise of retrieval of their hairline with the help of Hair Transplant in Delhi seems everything. It is true that everyone loses around 60-100 strands of hair in a day which is absolutely normal, problem arises when the count increases more than the upper limit. Choices for males who are hair loss victim have amplified over the years leaving far behind the options like wearing wigs or by just accepting it as it is. At DHI India, we are providing male hair transplant in Delhi with the help of progressing DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) surgery. Hair transplant is considered as gold standard procedure for treating male baldness and hair loss issue.

Female Hair Transplant in Delhi

Who doesn’t want to have thick and lustrous manes? Every woman has an aspiration to look beautiful and hair plays a very important role. But the sad situation is few women are facing hair loss problem to the extent that it is leading to baldness which is known as Female pattern Baldness. Like men, females do not encounter complete baldness. It is seen that hair transplant is commonly done on male patients, however even females are opting for this route. SO, if you are looking for female hair transplant in Delhi then DHI India is always there to serve you. Say good bye to baldness with our magical technique like DHI. Hair transplant in Delhi follows a procedure where extraction and grafting of follicles are done. By just scheduling an appointment with our renowned surgeons, you are guaranteed to get the best results.

Hairline Reconstruction in Delhi

Hairline plays very significant role as it frames one’s face. Thus, it is measured as a crucial part of aesthetic procedure. Many people do not realize about their natural hairline, so they often fall on wrong hairline reconstruction in Delhi and this makes them look artificial. This process involves restoration of hair keeping certain aspects in mind like hair position, its stability and ultimately the hair growth. Hence, the search of Hair Transplant in Delhi ends at DHI India as the company has pioneered Direct Hair Implantation technique and surgeons here have great expertise. Before operating any of the patients, our doctors discuss the summary of their new hairline and the approach following the same to provide them desired result. The word of caution here is if proper care is not taken towards hair reconstruction then it can ruin the whole look of the patient.

Failed Hair Transplant Repair in Delhi

Before proceeding further, it is important to know that the percentage rate of failed hair transplant in Delhi is very low because doctors and patients discuss everything beforehand like pre and post operative care and the risk factor attached to it. But there is always some chance of failures to happen. Hair transplant failure can be hideous hairline, random scattered hair or anything related to technical failure by surgical team. Though repairing failed hair transplant in Delhi is challenging as donor area is reduced, already some scarring has been done, bad hairline reconstruction and so on. Not to worry at all, DHI India has got the solution for such hair transplant issues. Get best Failed Hair transplant repair in Delhi at DHI India, techniques used for the same Direct Hair Implantation. The company has 49 years of experience catering various treatments allied to Hair Transplant in Delhi.

Afro Hair Transplant in Delhi

DHI India has treated many African patients complaining hair loss by performing Afro hair transplant in Delhi. African patients especially come to get their Hair transplant in Delhi done. What is Afro hair? Well, it is concerned with people who have natural curly and wavy hair follicles like Africans have. The Afro hair transplant is bit complicated as compared to normal hair transplant. In this particular procedure following few things are kept in charge like length of hair, texture, angle of hair under scalp etc and what will be the course of action. These examinations are done prior to the operation otherwise hair transplant failure can take place. AT DHI India, Afro hair transplant in Delhi is executed at worldwide attributed facilities offering quality services despite all the risks attached patients can rest upon DHI Surgeons.

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