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An agile senior project team member suddenly resigns from the organization. Following this departure, the remaining team members are having difficulty accessing information and are unable to complete a deliverable.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

A. Ensured the project repository is up to date.

B. Updated the job descriptions for all team roles.

C. Provided specialist training for all team members.

D. Made an effort to reemploy the senior project team member.

Answer: A

A project manager is responsible for providing a budget estimate for a long-term project that will be executed over several years. Which essential task should the project manager implement at this phase?

A. Include key risks in the cost baseline.

B. Perform an analogous estimate.

C. Perform a bottom-up estimate.

D. Include projected inflation rates.

Answer: B

A project team was established for a community impacted by oil and gas exploration activities. The team is required to interact with several external stakeholders. The local council authority has requested a meeting with the project team to discuss the impact of the project on the community. The project manager was not available at the time of the meeting, and the team was in disagreement regarding who should attend the meeting.

What should the project manager have done to prevent this conflict?

A. Provided copies of the stakeholder engagement plan to all team members.

B. Defined the roles and responsibilities of the team members.

C. Updated the communications management plan.

D. Established ground rules for the team

Answer: B

A company is moving its headquarters to another city. The project manager responsible for the assignment has been using a predictive approach during the transition. However, the information systems will be migrated using an agile approach. The project manager needs to decide which kind of control to sign with the vendor responsible for migrating the systems.

How should the project manager address this situation?

A. Negotiate payment after all project migration is completed

B. Sign a single agreement for the whole project

C. Use fixed-price increments as user stories are completed.

D. Confirm payment after each project retrospective

Answer: D

A contractor delivering construction services to a company is using agile principles to manage the project tasks. Engineers are producing frequent design changes due to new legislation. There is a risk the contractor may lose money due to resources waiting on design changes or performing rework.

What should the project manager do to minimize the cost?

A. Put the project on hold until all definitions are ready in order to avoid rework.

B. Review the backlog with the product owner and prioritize the tasks that are least likely to be affected by a change in legislation.

C. Capture the engineers' feedback at the daily meeting and communicate it to the product owner.

D. Cancel the project release resources, then start again when all the definitions are ready.

Answer: B

An events company is planning their annual event for a retirement fund. The organization has run the event planning using agile approaches for the last 3 years. During the initiation phase, while assessing possible risks and improvements for the event, the project manager uses previous event feedback to assist in developing the risk register.

Which ceremony should be used in developing this register?

A. Sprint plans

B. Retrospective results

C. Sprint report

D. Project status report

Answer: A

While developing a new product, a key stakeholder expresses concern about insufficient information on product feature requirements. The product team disagrees and mentions that detailed requirements have been provided.

What should the project manager do to handle this situation?

A. Organize a discussion with the product team to clarify the missing information.

B. Redirect the stakeholder to discuss this request with the functional manager.

C. Record the new requirements and ask the product team to develop them.

D. Conduct new risk and scope analyses, identifying the missing information.

Answer: A

During a meeting for product review, a key stakeholder announces that because they are receiving adequate information about the project they will not attend any further meetings.

What should the project manager do?

A. Log this as an issue in the issue log and address it with the project sponsor.

B. Ignore the stakeholder as the product is almost complete.

C. Explain that the needs will be updated in the stakeholder engagement plan.

D. Inform the stakeholder that changes can happen in this project.

Answer: D

A project started 12 months ago and is currently on iteration 12 of 14. The team has performed well and completed all deliverables on time. However, some team members are starting to complain about the length of the project, creating a risk for lack of performance at this critical stage.

What should the project manager do as a servant leader to mitigate this risk?

A. Meet with the team to reinforce their responsibilities and the consequences if the project deliverables are not completed on time.

B. Apply additional controls to the project deliverables to ensure that all milestones are achieved on time.

C. Contact the functional manager to ensure that team motivation remains high until the end of the project.

D. Schedule a team event with the project sponsor to highlight the importance of the project and recognize the work of the team.

Answer: D

A project manager is tasked with managing a customer relationship management (CRM) implementation project. The project charter is approved, and the project is now in the planning phase. The project manager meets with the stakeholders several times to gather the initial requirements. However, each time they meet, the stakeholders provide additional information that is different from what they provided earlier. The stakeholders are becoming frustrated, and the sponsor is now unresponsive.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

A. Initiated requirements planning to analyze, document, and manage requirements

B. Applied requirements elicitation to involve engaging stakeholders consistently in the requirements process

C. Implemented the change request process to harness change to the stakeholders’ advantage

D. Used progressive elaboration to enhance the scope management plan with additional details

Answer: B

A company is developing a new product. During project planning, a stakeholder from the legal department does not attend any of the project meetings and is not interested in the product design.

How should the project manager deal with this situation?

A. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor and seek assistance.

B. Engage the project stakeholder and ensure all requirements are captured.

C. Review the stakeholder engagement plan and communication strategy.

D. Review the product requirements and update the stakeholder register.

Answer: C

An important email from a project sponsor states that a backlog item should be immediately prioritized. What should the project manager do with many tasks still open on the Kanban board?

A. Decompose the item immediately and begin work.

B. Discuss the impact of starting the item with the team.

C. Finish the small tasks in progress before decomposing the item.

D. Communicate the impact with the project sponsor.

Answer: B

A key project team member has exhibited high interest in a project. The input from this person has been very useful, and the project is steadily progressing. Suddenly, this individual's participation decreases, and activities that they were responsible for are not being completed within the planned period.

What should the project manager do?

A. Reallocate tasks for the team member of concern so that work is handled by another team member.

B. Schedule a meeting to discuss recent observations with the team member.

C. Organize a team-building session with all of the team members.

D. Consult the resource allocation matrix to see if the team member is still required for the


Answer: B

A project team delivered a critical deliverable to the customer. The customer complained that the maintenance manual was not included.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Submit a change request to include the manual.

B. Add the needed manual and update the risk log.

C. Review the stakeholder engagement plan.

D. Review the terms and conditions of the contract.

Answer: D

A company's board of directors announced that a major layoff will occur at the end of the month. When evaluating the impact the protect manager found that 25° of the project team members are part of the layoff

What should the project manager do first?

A. Request a meeting with the project sponsor to discuss the viability of the project and determine the next actions

B. Request a meeting with the customer and discuss trade-offs to reduce the scope and product quality as a result of the lack of personnel

C. Request a meeting with the finance department to increase the budget of the project to hire temporary personnel to perform the affected activities

D. Request a meeting with the human resources (HR) department and demand they find a solution to retain the project team members

Answer: A

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