Understand the difference between a POS system and a POS register

by Ryan David Technical Consultant

When I'm looking at "POS" on the Internet, I get a lot of words "POS system" and "POS cash register". However, some may be confusing because these words are mixed together; they are not sure what they mean in the end. This time, we will discuss the difference between a POS system and a POS register.

"POS system" and "POS cash register" are not entirely equal

"POS system" and "POS cash register" are words that are often used in a similar way. But strictly, the difference is that the POS system and the POS register are not the same words, but whether it refers to the "mechanism" itself or "the one that incorporates it." Below, let's take a closer look at the differences between the words.

"POS System" is a "mechanism" that gives functions to cashiers and other terminals

"POS system" is a "mechanism" which is used mainly for cash register terminals. It helps to record and analyze real-time data at the time of sale to database the product information and to enter correctly and calculate the amount in a simple operation. It can manage employee attendance and goals.

By using the Free POS system, it is possible to use it as a POS register on terminals other than the general entry. Therefore, this system may be installed on a computer or tablet device.

To use a POS system on a PC or tablet terminal, install an application on the pier and use a POS system or use a cloud service that provides a POS system.

In other words, a POS system can be viewed as a "mechanism" that provides various functions to cashiers and other terminals.

"POS Cash Register" is a cash register with a built-in POS system

"POS cash register" is simply a "cash register with a built-in POS system". A common form of POS register used in supermarkets is called "Terminal POS", but this is not the only point of sale. It is also called "PC POS" or "Tablet POS", which refers to a PC or tablet terminal with a POS system.

The advantage of the point of sale register is that it is possible to make accurate accounting by reading the product information with a barcode reader (without having to enter the amount manually as in a conventional cash register) = prevents mistakes. The barcode identifies the goods because the POS system is used for the point of sale.

It incorporates a POS system into a tablet terminal and has a cashier function. It is cheaper compared to Terminal POS and does not take up a place, so it can be said that it is a first POS register with shops that terminal POS cannot be placed due to cost and space issues.

This way, you can use a tablet terminal as a POS register because it incorporates the mechanism of the iPad POS system.

What if "POS" is written in the first place? Judging by context

Although you can understand the difference between "POS system" and "POS cash register". There are cases where only "POS" is written inside, and when these three are lined up, you will eventually not know which one is. ? So let's review the meaning of POS again.

POS is the term "point of sale", and point-of-sale information is used to collect and analyze data when a product is sold to help store management, i.e. POS Means how the system works.

Also, POS is sometimes referred to as an abbreviation for "point of sale system", and it is sometimes referred to as a "point of sale system". It is sometimes used to mean "POS cash register". Therefore, the basic definition is "point of sale information management", but it may be useful to keep in mind that various ways can be captured depending on the context.

Take into account the basic meaning of each "POS system" and "POS cash register".

We explained the difference between the POS system and the POS register. Sometimes these words are used similarly, so you may get lost when considering the introduction of POS.

As can be seen from the various forms of terminal POS, PC POS, tablet POS, and POS, there are multiple options for incorporating POS systems. Think about how to use the POS system so that you can introduce it in a way that suits your store.

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