TV Audio Not Working? Learn How To Deal With It

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Television is an important medium of entertainment for us. Every household is incomplete without a television set. They have become an important part and parcel of life.

Modern-day televisions come with many advanced features. Through years of innovation and research, Televisions have been modernized greatly. Televisions are now made of many sophisticated and complex components. These TVs are designed to be lightweight, smart and superbly compact.

Although these TVs come with many smart features, they are not essentially free from technical glitches. You may face several issues with your TV, many of these issues are quite common. They can occur very frequently, while some of them might be very serious.  

If the issues are simple and common, then you can solve them by yourself. If not, then you might need the help of a TV repair service.

Sometimes, it might happen that you can’t hear any sound coming out of your TV. You might see the picture but you cannot hear the audio. In this article, we will discuss about this issue and provide you with some tips to resolve them as soon as possible.

What can Stop the Sound from your TV?

Diagnosing a problem is the first step towards solving it. You need not have much technical knowledge to diagnose this audio-related problem on your TV set.

There can be various reasons responsible for this technical issue with your TV. If you cannot hear any sound from the television, then it might be because of the following reasons:

  • One of the major reasons that can suddenly stop the audio output is inappropriate cable connections. If the cable cords of your TV system are not placed in the proper slots, then you might face the audio issue on your TV. Sometimes, it might also happen that the cords are loosely connected.

  • Sometimes the wrong selection of speakers can be the potential factor for this problem. If you’ve chosen a set of speakers that are faulty or incompatible with your TV, then you’re bound to encounter this audio issue.

  • A modern TV system consists of several external devices and equipment. Any technical errors or faults in any of the devices might stop you from getting the audio output.

Try to Solve the Issue by Yourself:

Once you have determined the possible causes behind this issue, it becomes simple for you to resolve it. In this article, we will walk you through some tips to help you bring back the audio of your TV. 

Before you rush off to any professional TV repair service, you should follow these troubleshooting tips:

Use Different Cable

One of the main reasons that can stop you from getting audio output is the wrong cable connection. The first thing that you should do is check whether the connections are loose or not. You might also consider changing the cable cords of your TV system.

Use Different Surround Sound Mode for AV Setting

Changing the Audio/Video receiver to an altered Surround Sound Mode is an alternate way to solve. If you choose this step of solution, make sure that the source of your audio is compatible with Surround Sound mode.

Check All Audio Sources

You must check whether all the audio sources are properly connected to the inputs of the A/V receivers. In case you have added speakers to your TV, make sure there is no issue with those speakers. If the speakers are malfunctioning, make sure to remove them away and use a different audio source.

In case, the audio is transferred from your TV to one particular A/V receiver, then you should turn off the speakers of the TV. You may also put the audio of the TV to ‘Fixed’ or the ‘Variable’ mode.

Determine which Type of HDMI you’re Using

You need to confirm the type of HDMI devices that you are using in your TV system. You need to also check the following things about the HDMI connections in your television system:

  1. Make sure that all the HDMI inputs are functioning smoothly with all the A/V receivers.

  2. In case, there are some issues with the HDMI cable cords, use a fresh set of cables. This might help you solve the audio error with your TV.

  3. Try unplugging the video source and then attach it directly with your television.

Make Sure the DEMO Mode is Off

Sometimes, it might happen that you have accidentally turned on the DEMO mode on your TV. This can hamper the audio output of your TV system. So, you will have to turn the DEMO mode off.

This process of turning off DEMO mode depends on the model of your television. You can take help from the user manual guide of your TV.

Factory Reset the A/V Receiver 

So you have used all the above-mentioned options but failed to bring back the audio output. In such a situation, you can opt for giving the A/V receiver a factory reset. 

However, while giving the A/V receiver a factory reset, you must remember that it’ll lead to the loss of precious data. You can follow these steps to factory reset the A/V receiver:

  1. At first, turn off the A/V receiver by pressing the Power button.

  2. Once the receiver is turned off, press and hold the button for at least five seconds.

  3. Release the Power button.

However, the process might vary from model to model. You can take the help of the user manual guide of your A/V receiver to reset it to factory settings.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, since this issue is quite frequent, you can easily solve it with these solutions. Sometimes, it might also happen that the issue is caused by some underlying serious malfunction on your TV. For that, you might need help from a professional TV repair service.

You can consider the TV repair Dubai service to resolve this audio issue. The experts will diagnose the problem carefully and solve it in no time.

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