Trouble with Error Code 018 on Roku? Here Is How to Deal With It

by Mark Smith Streaming Guides Experts

If you are reading this article, you're probably facing the Error Code 018 on Roku streaming device. We understand your concern and would like to assure you that there is nothing to worry about this. Just like any other error, this is also an error indicating weak or poor internet connectivity.

In most cases, a stable internet connection solves the problem. However, there are times when there is nothing wrong with internet connectivity. Yet, the streaming device does not work. You might feel troubled, but relax, this article is all about the Roku Error Code 018. Keep reading to know more about this error code.

Identifying the Cause

 Your device is likely to face an error even for the slightest of technical or setup glitch. Irrespective of the error you meet with, each error indicates a particular problem. In this case, that is for the error code 018 on Roku, the most prevalent indication is weak or unstable internet connectivity. 

If it is due to other reasons, you need to consult with an expert right away. However, if it is the connectivity issue, there are ways to get out of the error.

Quality of Internet


For streaming your favorite shows unhindered, the Roku device requires strong internet connectivity. It is not enough to just have an internet connection. You should make sure that the internet is strong enough to let you stream movies smoothly. 

Sometimes you will think that the internet is not working. But, the problem is its working but quite slowly. Perhaps, this is the reason why you are encountering the connectivity issue. Hence, check for the quality of your internet. Ask your internet provider to check for the same.


“Not Connected to the Internet”? Its Error Code 018 on Roku


Do you find this disturbing message saying “Not Connected to the Internet” despite having an internet connection? As a layman, you assume Roku is connected but not working. Hence, you try and connect it again and again, but in vain.


The process of connecting the device with your home network is almost the same as connecting with other devices. Simply choose the name of the wireless network and set up with the correct password. If everything works fine a successful connection should establish with your Roku device.


Are you using a Wireless Network?


Slow internet connectivity is often associated with a wireless network. Often the router or streaming device is unable to identify each other due to a wireless network. The Roku streaming device also has an Ethernet Port. When you are facing the error code 018 on Roku, try using a wired cable network instead.


A wired network can solve your problem provided the internet connectivity is strong. One the correct setup process is implemented you should get a successful connection established. However, if you are still unable to get rid of the Roku Error Code 018 get in touch with our Roku Customer Service number at 1- 844-756-1728. With the help of our expert service, you are sure to get your streaming device connected.


Ways To Resolve Error Code 018 on Roku


You can resolve the Roku TV error code 018 in the following ways.


Correct Input for the wireless network - selecting the correct wireless network is extremely important. The wrong name will never establish a successful network. If you suspect your device to have connected with the wrong network, seek expert help for correct name recognition.


Correct Password - it is obvious that the wrong password will not allow you to enter the network circle. Making mistake while entering the password is not new. Try re-entering the password and make sure you are following the cases too.


Pay attention to the Router - The router can fail to recognize your device. Before connecting the router with your streaming device, try connecting it with another device. Use a smartphone or computer. If the router connects with the other devices, it is likely that the problem is not with the router.


In this process, if the router repeatedly fails to connect with the Roku device, try restarting the router.


Check the wireless signal strength - If your router does not connect despite having a correct password and correct password, blame on the speed and strength of the wireless signal. A quick tip is to keep the streaming device close to the router. You may also want to remove any kind of obstructions from obstructions like cabinets or walls. Make sure the route between the router and the streaming device is clear.


There are other circumstances for which your device might fail to connect with the internet. If you find none of the above steps working for your device, contact with the customer service number of Roku at 1- 844-756-1728.


Checking the Signal Strength


You will not need to rely on anyone to check the signal strength of the internet connection. To check the signal strength of your home network follow these steps:


      Press Home Button from the Roku Remote.


      Click on the Network icon from the settings menu.


      Go to List and look for ‘About’ option.


      From this location, you can check for the signal strength.


How to Restart the Roku Device


In the end, if nothing works, we come to two options. Either you need to contact the Roku support number or give it one last try by restarting the device. To restart the device you will need to go to,





      System Restart


Alternatively, you can also unplug the device directly. Wait for a few seconds and plug it back again. The device will take a few minutes before it starts to work completely.


For major errors, you will need to get in touch with our technical experts at 1- 844-756-1728. Our technicians are able to take care of your queries with complete understanding. You can also visit us at Streaminguides. Feel free to contact us for any type of queries before you run out of time to stream your favorite movies and shows. Contact us now!

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