Top 11 Java IDEs and Online Compilers for Productive Development

by Akshay Sharma Tech Expert

Did you know that the USA's space agency NASA still operates on programs developed back in the 1970s?

 Well, as a budding programmer you certainly do not have to rely on a single integrated development system. 

Characterised with guessing your next syntax to completing the entire code, there's not much that the IDEs cannot do. So how do you select the best IDE from an ocean of compilers that are available online? We are here to help you out with that. 

Read through the blog to get a list of some of the best online Java compilers and Python online compilers to help stimulate your productive development.

Top  IDEs for Java that every programmer must be aware of

If you aspire to be a backend or even a frontend developer, the basic requirement is to learn either the Java or the Python programming language.

Using online compilers will not only help you code your own programs, but you will also gain perspective from other professional programmers.

Check out the list of some of our favourites: 

  1. Atom

Designed and powered by GitHub, Atom is relatively a lightweight compiler which is best for personal or commercial usage. 

From Linux to Mac, you can download Atom in any operating system. It offers you an interactive space for program development and coding so that you can learn from other users over the platform alongside coding. 

The "git integration feature" and "auto code completion" are some of the most innovative features of Atom. 

  1. CL

Also commonly known as CLion, this online compiler has been developed by the JetBrains corporation. This compiler is also compatible with all operating systems. 

Equipped with smart code completion and Git integration features, CLion provides you a smart core environment for development and programming. 

CLion is essentially best for not only debugging or running your programs but also for testing your codes in a simulated environment. 

  1. Coding Ninjas

As per the study, Coding Ninjas Python Code Compiler was ranked at top in the category of best online IDEs.

The open source IDE allows you to fully customize the environment of the software such as keyboard controls, theme and shortcut tools. 

  1. Eclipse

Supporting easy and efficient usage, the Eclipse is an open-end IDE designed by the team of Eclipse foundation. 

Facilitating drag and drop functionalities this IDE provides an exemplary graphical user interface. The premium benefit of being an open-source allows you to connect with a global community of users from across the world. 

  1. Visual Studio

An extended version of the Visual Studio Code, the Visual studio is an exemplary example of an open-source IDE which is compatible with mobile and web applications. 

This IDE allows you to program native apps using the software interface. If you are into gaming we have the best news. The Unity tool of the IDE facilities programming gaming applications. You will find a plethora of programming language options in Visual Studio. 

  1. Anaconda

Anaconda has been mainly designed for programmers who use the Python coding language, but it is certainly not restricted to Python. 

For the machine learning enthusiasts, Anaconda is the best compiler tool available online since it is equipped with the Pycharm programming tools. 

We also have the Jupyter Notebook in-built within the IDE which is essential for machine learning. 

  1. Net Beans

For the budding programmers, NetBeans is the best compiler tool available online to start playing around with the developer options. 

Using NetBeans you can create bug-free programs while employing the automated highlighter tool. This will improve the quality of your syntaxes to give your program a creative look. Being an open-source compiler, NetBeans offers you multiple range of refractor tools. 

The team of NetBeans is constantly putting in efforts to create an easy user interface environment for the beginner level programmers. 

  1. IJ

In the software community, IJ is more popularly known as IntelliJ. This IDE is the brainchild of JetBrains which works best for developing mobile based applications. 

For the Java developers IntelliJ is definitely the best choice of all since it helps to stimulate productivity boost and provides you high-class support. 

The users also have the liberty to install third party plugins to make the environment of the software more habitable and approachable.

  1. Pycharm

After IntelliJ it is only fair to discuss their top IDE designed to simulate the performance of Python developers. Pycharm is equipped with syntax highlighting, code navigation and automated refactoring.

Deploying your program using Pycharm has been made fairly simple since it uses a large code base. 

  1. Spider

Python developers who have previously used Pycharm might be acquainted with Spider as well. The open-end IDE runs extremely well on low performance PCs. 

Spider is relatively more beginner-friendly than Pycharm since it is equipped with the "guess algorithm" feature. This is the best option for people who are new to coding and haven't tried debugging on their own. 

  1. Jupiter

The coding languages such as arr, ju, py and julia were first in-built in Jupiter, and we are only talking about the beginning phase of development of the IDE. 

If you are meticulous about your syntaxes and also have an eye for machine learning, Jupiter is the best online IDE for you due to its "smart code completion" feature. 

Final thoughts

With that, we have managed to fit in some of the top IDEs available online for boosting productive development in the blog.

The compilers mentioned in the blog not only support Java and Python but a plethora of other programming languages as well.. 

If you currently have minimal knowledge about coding, it is best to consider NetBeans. This is one of our tried and tested IDEs for encouraging the budding programmers. 

It does not only complete your syntaxes, but also offers a massive community of professional developers.

To find the online Java compilers and Python online compilers check out the blog and select your best pick. 

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