Top 10 Interior Design Manoeuvers to Light up Dark Spaces inside Your Home or Office

by Kundan Kumar A Marketing Executive by Job and Blogger by Hobby

In case you're battling with a space that’s bereft of sufficient natural light, don't think that major redesigns are your lone alternatives. A few of design tricks can make your space, be it your home, your workplace or a hotel a lot sunnier in minutes with these interior design and decor tips suggested by some of the best interior designers in India:

1.      Hang an attractive mirror assemblage


You can two fold increase the amount of sunlight in your room by enabling it to bounce back reflective surface areas. You can dangle a large pendent mirror right opposite to the biggest window in your room. You can as well mastermind an array of compact and bijou mirrors to help light up a dark and dreary space.


Hanging a couple of mirrors at your office space will offer an illusion of a bright workplace. It will also make your space appear larger. A real win-win! Ensure that the mirror isn’t too heavy and suits the scale of your work space. A bright-coloured or metallic frame will invite more light.

2.      Give a thumbs down to the heavy curtains


There are a lot of available choices for window treatment that render privacy without making your room turn into a vampire's den. Nix those dark and heavy curtains that feed on excessive light.


Instead settle on draperies having translucent fabrics or alternatives like Roman shades, faux wood blinds, sheer, pleated or rolled up window treatment panels. All these permit abundant sunlight to spread through your rooms. 

3.      Spruce up with some metallics


Include some shimmer of gold or silver accessories. This is an effortless ploy to rejig a dark and dull space. The basic addition of a light fixture, a piece of artwork, a mirror or even a flashy item has the merit to reflect light and create a more luxurious design scheme.

4.      Trim your window side trees


If light has no way to reach your window, surely it won’t light up your room either. See to it that bushes and trees next to your windows are snipped regularly and don’t block your windows from receiving plenty of solar exposure. 

5.      Opt for a matte look, not a glossy one


It may sound a bit counter intuitive, but glossy walls can give rise to glares rather than reflecting light by an equal amount. On the other hand, matte surfaces shine back light in all directions.

6.      Launder your windows squeaky-clean


Indeed, we know. Just cleaning your windows can majorly augment the sunlight streams into your room. With reduced dirt, dust and grime on your windows more sunshine can have a peep inside.

7.      Supplement daylight with Avant-garde lightnings


Conduct a meticulous planning and placement of light fixtures all through your space. If you've got a tiny room or a cubicle, attractive desk lamps will create a pleasing sensation.


These types proffer a great deal of natural light as compared to the harsh fluorescent overhead lights. It also lets you control the quantity of light personally at your work space.


Also, indirect lighting tricks like a torchiere floor lamp at a nook can square up the deficiency of light in your room as daylight dwindles. You can think about other kinds of fixtures such as under-cabinet lighting, a floor lamp or flame-less candles. 

8.      Be heedful of your paintings


You may be an art geek. But is your art more lovable than a regular healthy dose of Vitamin D? Set aside you massive and dark paintings for rooms that have enough natural light. Covering your walls with murals or posters will lead to more absorption of sunlight gushing on to your walls-cape making it look dismal.

9.      Choose a neutral colour scheme


If your room is short of light, dark wall paint will draw up a gloomier and low spirited look. Most of the best interior design companies in India suggest choosing neutral shades like white, beige or cream for your walls. The ceiling should be painted one shade lighter to make light bounce back into your room.

10.      Fix on lustrous and shiny surfaces


You can make the most of glossy and reflective floor surfaces to spring back light. Choose glazed marble or ceramic tile flooring. 


For rooms with limited sunlight, pitch on glimmering objects like translucent furniture, mirror-top coffee tables, acrylic accents and the likes.

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