Tomb of Hawa “Eve” in Jeddah

by Ady Grewal Content writer
As Hawa (AS) is the mother of all mankind, that’s why Jeddah means the ancestors of women. Tomb of Hawa (AS) commonly known as Eve’s Grave or Eve’s Tomb is situated in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The tomb was destroyed in 1928 by Prince Faisal, Viceroy of Hejaz because of shirk activities, and in 1975 the site was also sealed with concrete by religious authorities. 

The exact location of the Tomb of Hawa (AS) is very difficult to search in order to visit. So UK pilgrims who want to visit in the recent year should consult to agents through cheap umrah packages 2020 London as it is the best way to visit the tomb of Hawa and other Islamic places as well. No doubt religious spots refresh the faith of Muslims after recalling the devotion of great figures. 

As for as tomb of Hawa has concerned, so numbers of pilgrims visit this tomb every day. Hawa (AS) had been created from the right rib of Adam (AS) in the Jannah. She was the lady who first came into Satan and insisted to eat the prohibited tree to Adam. Consequently, both Adam and Hawa (AS) was thrown into the earth by Allah (SWT) because of committed the sin of disobedience. 

Satan was also an angel known as Iblis but arrogance made him an opponent to Adam and he denied to prostrate against Adam when Allah (SWT) ordered all angels to prostrate before Adam. Because when Allah (SWT) asked angles what the names were of some exotic trees in Jannah, so they could not identify by saying they just know which they have granted them the fixed knowledge. Since Adam was granted not the fixed knowledge but freethinker, so he at once told the names of those trees which were not identified by angels. Thus, Allah (SWT) ordered them all to prostrate before Adam, all fulfilled the order except Iblis.

Allah (SWT) expelled Satan from His Divine and Satan had determined to eject Adam as well as Hawa from Heaven. Satan put some wrong ideas in the brain of Hawa about the immortality of their life by serving them the prohibited tree which was banned from Allah (SWT). Hawa (AS) insisted to eat the prohibited fruit, so as they ate they felt the sex desire and they veiled their private organs by the leaves of Jannah. 

As a result, both were separately thrown onto the ear that different spot and for thousand years they found each other. Adam (AS) pardoned his sin for thousands of years eventually Allah (SWT) listened to his prayers and couple met in the holy sanctuary of Makkah. Afterward, they started their life by growing their offspring and died in the Holy Sanctuary of Makkah. Numbers of people visit their tomb along with other Islamic places. If you have planned to visit the Islamic places in Saudi Arabia then umrah December 2020 would be the best tour package because in this month climate is moderate under which pilgrims can easily make their journey. 

As we have above mentioned that Islamic places particularly Tomb of Hawa are complicated to search, so you must consult some agents which have complete knowledge of the right direction of the tomb. You should just pray at that spot but not show shirk activities which are strictly prohibited because of committing sin.

Say: "Come, I will practice what Allah hath (really) forbidden you from": Join not anything as alike with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your offspring on an appeal of want; - We deliver nourishment for you and for them;- come not approaching to disgraceful actions. Whether exposed or secret; take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He orders you, that ye may acquire knowledge. (Surah Al-Annam, 151)

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