Things You Need to Follow After Developing an MVP

by Ashish Parmar Mobile App Development

Embarking your startup's journey with little or no knowledge about the targeted audience will land you in risky waters. Thus, businesses, especially in the new age, need  to be fully aware of their targeted customer's needs and wants to design and develop their product accordingly. The first essential thing that the efficient mobile app development companies develop is the Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) allows your organization to understand about the targeted audience's likes, dislikes, and needs with a minimum efforts. Developing and Launching an MVP will help to get a complete idea if the customers are interested in buying your product or not. An MVP will provide you with a guidance of the actual customer behavior when they use the service given by your product.

MVP in the app development process is very necessary as it clears the air for the business and the app developers while allowing them to work on their product in a more structured manner.

But after developing a well-structured and thought out MVP, you need to go beyond the box to sustain the product and prevail in the market arena.

MMP – Next step after MVP Development 

The concept of MMP was first introduced in the year 2003 by Jane Cleland-Huang and Mark Denne in their book 'Software by Numbers.' The minimum marketable product is a set of core functionalities that directly address the customers' needs and wants without going overboard. As the MMP address directly to the user's needs, it is also capable of delivering an enhanced quantifiable value back to the business organization.

Launching an MMP

While launching an MMP in the market, you need to prioritize the app development strategy and enlist all the features that would be important when the product is launched. An agile MVP will give a perfect idea about what will work in the market and drive the customers towards your product.

While working on the feedbacksof application and launching an MMP, you will see many changes. If you resist those changes, your product will lose the essence of developing an MVP, and it will be back to 'square one' for the product. 

While launching the MMP, you need to prioritize the data collected through MVP as much as possible. As long as you will stick to this process, you will reap rich results after the minimum marketable product Launch.

The businesses must also do a thorough analysis of the MVP and the customer feedback on the MVP to be more confident with the minimum marketable product.

After launching the MMP, continually analyze the users' reactions so that you can make timely and necessary changes to the product. The changes done based on the user and customers' feedback will help to improve the product a great deal and help you achieve your end goal. 

But the question here arises, what the businesses should do to bridge the gap between the MVP and the MMP. We have the answer to that.

How to minimize the gap between MVP and MMP?

The launching of an MMP depends on the kind of validation your MVP receives at the hand of the audience at the market. To minimize the gap between MVP and MMP, you need to make sure that the MVP is apt and does well on the market. With a high-performing MVP, you will understand the actual needs and wants of the targeted audience and therefore do the required changes in the minimum marketable product. A well-structured MMP will enable your business to reveal the app's features in a better manner to the audience and allow the users to give constructive feedback in a more synchronized way.

In addition to this, as an organization, you must look to:

-Collect the constructive feedback from your audience and evolve the product accordingly.

-Once you are confirmed that your idea is beneficial, start looking for more data and information that can be incorporated into the product's development.

Moreover, if you are thinking about skipping the MVP to focus more on MMP, you should not do that. MVP for mobile app development is very necessary as it gives a reliable platform to collect user feedback and then develop or make changes in your app according to that. The amalgamation of MMP and MVP is necessary for your product as it will ensure that the mobile app has all the required functions that are valuable separately and as a group.  

Since we have talked extensively about the shift from MVP to MMP, businesses also need to understand the timing and a real need for the shifting process.

Factors influencing the shift from MVP to MMP


Ensure that whatever thought process you have put into your product and whatever the problem it addresses to solve, it should be easily scalable to the user. When your product becomes famous and likable for the user, you will face the situation where the number of traffic on the mobile app and the signups will increase. Therefore, to provide a hassle-free experience to the users, you need to ensure a more scalable platform to handle the increasing traffic.


Having an MVP will play a pivotal role in accelerating the app development cycle and thus positively impact the performance of the mobile app. While shifting from MVP to MMP, care should be taken that the level of the performance of the mobile app is maintained or else, the business might see losing its customers at a rapid rate.

Therefore, testing the product, that too in all possible manners becomes vital to ensure that the product faces less to no hiccups in the market.


The MMP should be a fully-finished product that consists of minimum to no glitches as possible. While shifting from MVP to MMP, try and catch all the issues during the beta testing process and do not give access to the MMP to the user until the product is fully ready. Thus, proper care should be taken during the transition process.

Consult a leading app development firm that knows how to develop a prudent minimum viable product. The organization will ensure that the shifting process is done in a synchronized manner. 

Summarizing the article

Mobile app development is the way forward that businesses need to address in the coming future. Developing an MVP will give them a clearer idea about the real trends and what process and features will work for their targeted audience. Another smart approach will be to amalgamate both the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) if you wish to navigate the market and build a significant image for your product.

Testing and learning from the users' feedback will also serve as added guidance that will help you while developing the product. Their constructive feedback has the potential to take your product to places and help you expand your business in different directions. 

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