Things to know about 2-way Surround Speakers

by Indiq a. Indiq Audio

How about our Imagination of a surround sound effect in a war movie scene or a natural disaster movie where a huge explosion or quake has to fall on to the rear left or rear right or around their sound stage and you have a single full range speaker driver handling all that voices and noises, etc. with them. In this case, even a Dolby Atmos or DTS HD, True/Virtual Surround and so on cannot be ideal at all.

With the Audio Speakers India available or privately showcased to us in some online seller’s homes in India, we struggle hard to listen to the details at such a set up and still end up agreeing ‘yeah it did’ when the sales guy or girl says ‘you heard that thing?’, ‘mmmh’ we can imagine that situation.

But that’s actually not what a surround sound is, when it comes to the science of audio and sound effects, our human ears should easily be able to hear every detail and differences of bass drops or music effects that surround us. Human ears are capable of simultaneously differentiating 20 to 20,000 or max 22,000 Hertz.

So why should the surround be the other way around instead of two separate drivers handle their own areas of audio well staged to their perfection to create the actual surround sound which disperses the sound waves more accurately than a simple full range surround speaker!

Usually a two way tower speaker uses separate drivers engineered mostly with a nominal space between them vertically as bass driver below the tweeter and some try to use a different engineering of keeping the drivers diagonally focussed with twin set up or at 80 degree against the ceiling, however popular these mechanism works they might be too prone to perform in its suitable room environment or interior scales but they are good though.

The prominent build with handpicked premium wide sound staging variant of driver built with solid quality and engineered with acceptable optimum levels of noise and distortion levels verified with sonic quality sensory gauges is must to finish a perfect surround speaker from the designer’s end on every piece manufactured.

But only a true designer who takes a steady move in terms of numbers(sales) and progressive and futuristic technology and research frequently could equip the best for your appetite and expense!

While decibels play a major role here one should know that +3db is twice louder but achieving Optimal crossover frequency between the 2-Way Surround Speakers India has the ability to slice different audible sound frequency within the sound stage which is the most magical sweet spot moment for a surround enthusiast or Movie freaks.

How do we know, hear it in a normal non-acoustic environment by choosing to listen from their customer’s place if their studio or center is too gimmick of a setup compared to what you would buy from them! 

After a lot of run around and research we rarely find one or two fingers counting available Designers who actually do this!

So do make your most of time in research and understanding before you invest as you are buying to be thrilled each time not just an ok sound!

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