The Pros and Cons of Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

by James Smith Business
A fiber laser lights are created by combining banks of diodes – semiconductors that allow currents to flow in one direction – that produce light. This light is then amplified and focused on cutting materials. As with any piece of heavy machinery, a fiber laser cutter machine presents a customer with an exciting and essential list of pros and cons to consider.

A fiber laser cutter machine can enhance the life of a user in any number of ways. It is a useful and relatively easy to use a device that makes cutting a variety of materials efficient and convenient.

  • Reduced time and cost when cutting thinner materials: fiber lasers excel in cutting material 4mm and thinner 
  • An overall reduction in cost in the long run: these cutting machines are capable of running overnight with no one manning them
  • High machine stability: most of these machines will run for over 100,000 hours with little difficulty
  • Eco-friendly: these machines use power efficiently, which allows them to save energy and maintain a smaller carbon footprint than the CO2 laser machines
  • Low-maintenance cost: there is no need for reflective mirrors due to the nature of the fiber transmission as they are manually focused
  • The cost of running the machine is much lower than other laser cutters
  • General ease of use: it is easy to learn the control system on the machines, a user does not need to direct the light path by hand, and they are easy to install
  • With a minimum amount of training, anyone is capable of using a fiber laser to complete their projects 
  • Variety of sizes: there is a range of different machine sizes so any workspace can have a machine that will not overtake the room 
  • A diversity of materials: fiber lasers can cut through reflective surfaces such as copper without worrying about the kickback that CO2 lasers often fall victim to
A fiber laser cutter can hinder the life of a user, as well. Some things counteract the efficiency of the machine and make it less desirable in comparison to other similar products present in the market. 

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As with any tool that a customer is looking into buying, it is essential that all the negative aspects of a product be taken into consideration alongside the product's more positive attributes.

  • Another company still owns the core technology used in the machines, thus making the device is a higher cost than that of other laser cutting devices
  • Gas usage: fiber laser machines have to be run on gas and use a significant amount of it to operate at maximum capacity 
  • Speed stops being a priority when a customer chooses to cut materials that are larger than 30mm
  • Efficiency is not guaranteed because some materials that need cutting may not react well to a fiber laser and will reflect the light of the laser
  • More massive fiber lasers have to outsource to companies who specialize in their use and maintenance and are capable of handling any difficulties that may arise from usage

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